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How To Lose 10 Pounds By Following This Diet

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Are you having a hard time losing 10 pounds or losing weight for that matter? Worry no more, because a new diet just maybe the answer to your dilemma.

It turns out that a plant-based diet just maybe the answer to your weight loss need. Let’s find out how.


A study conducted by Neal Barnard, MD shows that people who followed a mostly vegan-diet, without changes in their workout routine lost an average of 10 pounds over 44 weeks.

The author, Barnard says that this is because of two things. First is that a plant-based diet is modest in calories. A vegan-diet is lower in fat but are rich in fiber, so it fills you up without filling you out. These includes a diet of vegetables, grains, fruits, seeds and nuts.

Second explanation is that when you adopt a vegan-diet, you boost your after-meal metabolism by about 16%. This can happen after every meal and can lasts about 3 hours. In time, this will result to a significant amount of calorie burn.

The reason for this is that a plant-based diet increases insulin sensitivity thus enabling a much faster conversion of energy.

If you don’t want to go for this vegan-diet, you can choose to try it out first. Test it out for at least 2-3 weeks and see how your body will adjust to this new diet.

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You will probably see an improvement in your overall health, as a vegan diet proves to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and cancer risks.

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