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Wellness Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

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Wellness underwent a makeover last year with more and more individuals becoming more open with the prospect of discussing more about mental health, the use of medical marijuana as an alternative solution to certain illnesses, and even green beauty has become mainstream. That being said, it seems that 2019 will continue transforming wellness ideas into accessible as well as earth-friendly plans that people will be more inclined to join. Here are a few predictions on what wellness this year will be all about.

Plant-based fish will go mainstream

With more wellness advocates seeing the value of going on a plant-based diet, don’t be surprised to find that plant-based fish will be offered in the market soon. You’ll probably be eating crabcakes that are made from potato starch and pea and you won’t even notice. This will not only be a safer solution to individuals who are allergic to seafood, but it can help the ocean take a breather from the constant fishing that we do.

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IV hook up

Vitamin IVs seem to be taking center stage in many health and wellness circles as these IV concoctions are specially formulated to deliver essential nutrients to enhance one’s immune system. There will be clinics that will be offering these IV drips to correct various ailments from jet lag, to aging, to stress.

One-stop shop for wellness

It seems that wellness companies are seeing the value of putting their services under one roof as this makes it convenient for customers to find the appropriate wellness help that they need in just one building. Some provide you with the option to choose between Eastern practices or Western ones depending on your preferences.


Understanding the circadian rhythm

Another wellness trend that will be gaining more attention this year is the circadian rhythm which we all have. Commonly referred to as our biological clock, people will become more aware of the function of the circadian rhythm to our sleep and overall health. You see, when our circadian rhythm gets disrupted, our sleep pattern can be altered, which leaves us with many sleepless nights. Understanding the true value of our biological clock makes it easier for us to take steps on how to fall asleep better at night to reap the full benefits of a well-rested body.

Regenerative will be the main focus

With scientists sending dire warnings that climate change is upon us and that we need to take steps to lessen our impact to our environment, the word regenerative will no longer just be a buzzword but rather the main movement in the wellness trend this year. This means that, more people will be taking steps to give back to nature. One example of this are farmers using regenerative techniques where they bring back nutrients to the soil that help absorb excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


More fitness furniture

Fitness furniture will be cropping up in the market, where refrigerators will tell you what you should be eating for your health, mirrors streaming workout videos, and so on are in the works. Even ergonomically designed workout tables will make an appearance in the market where not only are they aesthetically pleasing to look at, but they will make training to be more enjoyable too.

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These are just a few examples of wellness trends that you can expect to see this 2019. For sure, there will be more that will be popping up this year, especially since the world is becoming more aware of the benefits of paying attention to their overall wellness at home and at work.

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