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10 Pain Relief Measures for Earaches

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An earache can be a very annoying ache. This happens when your ear becomes infected and you middle ear accumulates fluid. Earaches also happen due to colds, wax buildup, blocked nasal pathways, damage inside the ear, rise in air pressure and more. This ache also happens a lot more to kids than grown-ups.

But it can be remedied naturally at home. And it’s easy. You probably have the things that are needed lying around the house.

1. Olive Oil

This can quickly relieve you of earaches. It acts as a lubricating agent and aids in ridding infections in the ear. This oil is also helpful when you want to stop the buzz-like sensation you sometimes experience within your ears.

Three to four drops of lukewarm olive oil into your ear canal should to it. You can also soak a cotton bud in olive oil and swab the inside of your ear. Mustard oil will work the same.

2. Garlic Oil

This has analgesic and antibiotic properties that can aid in the reduction of earache due to infection.

Two to three drops of garlic oil into the ear should do it. To get this oil, mix a teaspoon of minced garlic with two tablespoons of sesame oil. It should be cooled and filtered afterwards to obtain the oil.

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You can also try extracting the juice from a couple of cloves of garlic and drop it in the ear in which you experience the earache.

3. Onions

Onions have cleansing qualities that are antibacterial as well. And they are also very easy to find.

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You can get a tablespoon of onion juice after grating onions. Heat this low heat. Drop two to three drops of the juice into the ear in which you experience the earache. Do this twice or thrice daily.

You can also try crushing an onion. After wrapping it tight in a clean cloth, hold it over the ear for five to ten minutes. Do this a number of times a day.

4. Hot Water Bottle

A hot water bottle inside a towel, gently pressed on an ear with an infection for a few minutes can relieve the earache greatly.

5. Ginger

This is very potent against inflammation, and subsequently infections within the ear. It kills pain effectively and naturally.

Juicing fresh ginger and dropping the juice straight into the infected ear is the way to go.

Also try grating fresh ginger root. Now add a teaspoon of it into two tablespoons of olive oil. Wait five to ten minutes. Drop a few drops into the ear.

6. Peppermint

A peppermint leaf can relieve an earache. So can the oil.

Use a dropper.

Drop a few drops of juice into the ear. Also try swabbing peppermint oil on the outside of the ear (using a cotton swab). Do not let the oil get inside your ear. If it pleases you, the oil can also be diluted.

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7. Basil

Because it works great against inflammation and bacteria, and because it has some analgesic qualities, basil is great for treating earaches.

Take the juice from the crushed leaves and pour around three to four drops in the ear where you experience the earache. Do this once or twice daily.

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8. Indian Lilac

Also called neem, this is great against bacteria and fungi, and may also be great for infected areas. It’s also good against inflammation, and has analgesic properties that soothe earache.

As with the others on this list, you can juice it by crushing the leaves. Pour a couple of drops into the ear where you experience earache.

You can also put a cotton ball in the oil. Once it’s soaked, try squeezing the ball to get rid of excess oil. Put the cotton ball in your ear and wait for a few minutes. You can do these once or twice daily, until you feel better.

9. Ajwain

Also called Bishop’s weed, has cleansing as well as antimicrobial qualities. It can heal earaches naturally.

Add a teaspoon of ajwain into three teaspoons of sesame oil. Make it warm. Pour a few drops into the ear where you experience earache.

Also try heating two teaspoons of mustard oil and half a teaspoon of ajwain with a few flakes of garlic. Continue heating until the garlic reddens. Once filtered, pour a couple of drops in the affected ear.

10. Hairdryers

It might also be a good idea to use a hairdryer it’s a great way to apply moist heat.

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After bathing, don’t wipe your ears with a towel. Use a hairdryer. Set the hairdryer on warm and keep it at close proximity to the affected area. The warmed air from the hairdryer should be enough to dry your ear. But don’t exceed five minutes.

But if the earache still persists after you’ve tried these, see your physician.

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