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Essential Oils that are Great for Managing Anger

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling angry from time to time. However, it’s an entirely different story if you are angry most of the time, and also you keep your fury bottled up. This article will get you acquainted with essential oils that can help you manage your anger effectively.

Being angry constantly and not expressing it in the right manner can wreak havoc to your body.

According to scientists, some of the unfavorable effects of constantly having unmanaged anger include high blood pressure, muscle and joint stiffness and aches, and a disrupted digestive system. But other than damaging your body in a number of surprising ways, it’s also something that can damage relationships.

If you feel that your anger is already affecting so many aspects of your life, consider seeing a therapist.

Then you may also count on some essential oils that are proven to have the amazing ability to manage your anger issues. Some of them can help nip anger in the bud, while others can help dispel it. Either way, the use of these essential oil can save you from ruining your health and your relationship with everyone around you.

Here are the essential oils that you may try to have your anger managed effectively:

Lavender Essential Oil

Those who are into aromatherapy know very well that lavender essential oil is one of the best essential oils for reducing stress and anxiety, as well as combating insomnia. Unfortunately, not a lot of those people are aware that lavender essential oil is also very good at taming anger.

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Whether you take a whiff of it directly from its bottle or use a diffuser to fill the air with its lovely fragrance, you can count on lavender essential oil each time you want to put your anger under control.

Bergamot Essential Oil

So many perfumes out there contain bergamot essential oil, in particular those that are intended to entice feelings of joy. It’s exactly for this reason why you may use bergamot essential oil for managing anger — it can effectively replace your aggressive thoughts with happy ones.

And because bergamot essential oil is also capable of improving mental clarity, you will be able to realize that feeling angry all the time won’t bring anything good to your life as well as the lives of people who care about you.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Another very common perfume ingredient is ylang ylang essential oil — all you need to do is take a quick whiff of it to understand why. Ylang ylang essential oil has the ability to diffuse negative emotions that tend to stoke your anger. Especially if your anger is brought about by jealously, this essential oil is known to deliver.

Consider adding a few drops of ylang ylang essential oil to your favorite massage oil, and then give your neck and shoulders a quick massage to release tension, thus causing you to calm down.

Vetiver Essential Oil

It can be hard to get a good night’s sleep if you have negative emotions that are bottled up. And if you fail to enjoy a restful kind of sleep, those negative emotions can get aggravated, creating a vicious cycle. If your anger is giving you insomnia, get your hands on a bottle of vetiver essential oil.

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Before you hop into bed, fill your room with the smell of vetiver oil with the aid of a diffuser. You may also simply place a few drops of it on your pillow to help eliminate your anger and encourage you to catch some Z’s.

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