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Eye Makeup Cheats to Follow

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Our eyes are our windows to our soul and putting emphasis on them when applying makeup can really make them stand out even more. However, for some women, working on their eyes can be a huge challenge but when they do find something that they like they use it all the time or sometimes, not at all. Add to this problem the fact that you are aging every year, is not really helping doesn’t it? Well, if you are running out of eye makeup ideas or having trouble mixing and matching your eye shadow palette, you might want to follow these eye makeup cheats to make your eyes stand out.

Use shadow primers

Shadow primers should be used as the base to your eyes because they help make your eye makeup glide better. The primers can also hide any red or blue tones that appear on the lids because of the veins. Use your fingers to apply the primer on the upper lash line or wherever you are planning to apply your eye shadow.

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Learn the tools

A lot of women think that eye brushes are all the same. But you might be surprised to find that there are different tools to use. For example, large shadow brush is perfect for sweeping on highlighter, while the blending shadow brush is good for softening the shadow on your eyes. The angled liner brush is used to tightline the water line, while the smudger brush is to diffuse the eyeliner. The blending tip brush, on the other hand, is the best tool to use to creating that smokey eye effect while the precision liner brush is ideal for creating a precise line on your eyes.

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Get the shadow right

You don’t really need to use more than two colors on your eyes but if you want to add depth to them, two powder shadows are ideal especially when it comes to layering. Start with the pale base color from the lash line to your brow bone then the deeper shade along the lashes. For the base of your shadow choose warm tones such as muted peach and champagne. The darker shade will provide you with that smoky effect on your eyes.

Try different colors for eyeliner

When it comes to eyeliner, black isn’t everything. Yes, black is the classic alright but try something fun for a change. Brown is good for that smoky but subtle look while white eye liner placed on the lower waterline can make your eyes appear bigger. Gray eyeliner will make your eyes look softer and brighter while nude applied on your lower waterline can make your eyes appear awake. You can also try glittery eyeliner if you like to add a bit of sparkle to your eyes.

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Mascara is good for your eyes

If you want to further enhance your eyes, using the right mascara can be the best tool on your arsenal. It can help lift, separate, and even enhance your eyes. Depending on the mascara that you are using it can add thickness, definition, and length to your eye lashes with can make your eyes pop out even more.

Know your eye shadow combos

If color pairing is your problem then try these few tried and tested combinations. Brown and gold can make your eyes appear bigger while rose and champagne will give a softer touch to your eyes. Bold colors like neon blue and lime green are guaranteed to make your eyes talk even more while cream and taupe make your eyes natural.

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