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On The Go Hairstyles

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We all want to jazz up our look, and one of the best ways to express that is through our hair. As much as we want to have a professional hair styling team with us throughout the day, we can’t. We have to cope day to day with fixing our own hair.  We can invest a lot of time to fixing our hair in the morning. Blow drying, curling and styling will take a long time to finish.

If you ever experienced sleeping through your alarm or waking up late. You’ll know the frenzy it takes to get ready in the morning. Fixing your hair will take too much time to fix during these rush. Try out some of these on the go hairstyles you can do in the car or in the office bathroom.

The Criss Cross Bun On The Go Hairstyles

You can create this 5 min hairstyle with a donut bun or by simply creating a twist bun. These hairstyle works for straight or curly hair. It can be done on freshly washed hair or bed hair. This hairstyle is great when you’re rushing to work or going to school.

  • Section off two inches of your hair in the front, from each parting. Clip these two sections away from the other hair and comb the rest of the hair to create a low pony. You can use a donut bun to make the bun neat or simply twist it to create a knot. Place the donut bun in your low pony and spread your hair above the bun until it covers every surface. Tie it with an elastic bun to keep the hair in place and pin down loose hairs in the bun. Comb through one of the two inch sections and take the section to your back. Cross this section to the opposite side and twist it in the bun. Pin it off to make it secure.You can adjust the section to make it looser or tighter when pinning. Repeat these steps on the other section and cross the section on the other side to create the criss cross effect. You can apply hair spray to keep the hair from falling, but if you manage to pin the hair properly the hairstyle will stay in place the whole day.
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The Gibson Tuck On The Go Hairstyles

This classic hairstyle is reinvented to this amazing 5 minute up-do. These hairstyle really work with unwashed and 2nd day curls. The more texture you hair has the better, this style looks. This hair can work for a romantic date or for a casual stroll.

    • Take a section from the top of your head or apex. Back comb or tease this section to create volume on the top of your head. Smooth out this section and part your hair the way you like. Smooth out the hair and create a low pony.Take your pony and roll it in your hands and create a hole on top of the band of your low pony. Tuck the hair in this hole, adjusting the pony if needed. Fix the appearance of the tuck the front before applying hair spray. You can put on clips to add more attitude to this hairstyle.

One Sided French Braid On The Go Hairstyles This is a fun and easy hairstyles that require the least amount of braiding skills. This down-do is fun and flirty, it looks amazing for school and for hanging out in the mall. You can jazz up this look by curling the hair or adding some colorful pins and ribbons. You can create this style with freshly washed or naturally curled hair.

  • Take a two inch section on the top of your head from your dominant part and start French braiding the hair. Braid the hair and add sections from the top till the back of the ear. Tie off the braid and pancake it or pick the side section to make the braid appear bigger and fuller.You can back comb the apex of the head to create more drama. You can make this hairstyle to a simple up-do bun by continuing the braid until the end and adding all the hairs to create a side braid. Take this braid and create a side bun and secure it with pins.
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Twisted Head Scarf On The Go Hairstyles

Head scarves are colorful and beautiful accessories that can easily make any outfit pop. This easy hairstyles looks great for picnics and a stroll in the park. This hairstyle looks great for those bad hair days. The scarf can help mask the grease or dryness of the hair.

  • Simply comb your hair and separate your bangs from the rest of your hair. Tuck your hair behind your ear and fold your scarf into a two to three inch sections and simply wrap it around your head creating a head scarf.

Try out these 5 to 10 minute hair styles the next time you’re in a time jam. These quick and easy hairstyles can be done without any professional hair styling tools or skills.

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