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Tips on Making the Lips Red

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The lips are part of the mouth. They help determine the texture, consistency, and temperature of the food we eat. Also, they aid in grasping the food, before it is grabbed by the teeth. In aesthetics, especially in women, the lips serve as an asset. Coloring them with make-up or lipstick enhance their look, as well as the person’s over-all appearance. In this regard, the following are some tips to make the lips red.


Lip Exfoliation

Lip exfoliation is one method to get red lips permanently. As per Wise Home Remedies, it is the process in which the lips are properly cleaned to get rid of dry and flaky skin on the lips. Also, this method allows removal of dead skin which helps brighten the lips and reveal their natural red color. To prepare, as per the publication, the person needs to mix a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon off sugar to form a paste. Then, the paste is used to massage the lips in a circular motion for two to three minutes. After that, the lips are rinsed off with warm water. The process may be done as often as required.

Another method to remove the dead skin from the lips is with the use of a soft hair toothbrush. As per the publication, the toothbrush is soaked in warm water for ten minutes and is then used as a physical scrub to clean the lips’ impurities. Once done, the lips are rinsed with lukewarm water.



Sugar also helps the lips have a red hue. As per Top 10 Home Remedies, it is done through exfoliation. According to the publication, the person mixes three tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of butter to form a thick paste, which is used to scrub the lips gently. It is done once a week to restore the lips’ natural shine and hue. An alternative is to mix some sugar with honey and almond oil or cold cream; the mixture is used to scrub the lips gently before going to bed.

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Lemon Juice

Lemon juice can also be used to lighten the lips’ dark color in men. According to Dark Lips Tips, lemon has a natural bleaching and anti-aging property, which gets rid of the dark patches and dark spots on the lips. The person just has to pat his lips with lemon juice once or twice a day. As per the publication, doing this will remove the dark lines, wrinkles, and brown spots on the lips.

The lips help in eating and they play a role in aesthetics. The aforementioned procedures enhance the color and life of the lips, as well as the person’s self-esteem.

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