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Ultimate Concealer Hacks You Must Know

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Waking up with a zit waiting to greet you is every woman’s nightmare. Just imagine stepping outside your home with that red circle glaring at anyone who sees you. As much as you would like to pop it so it will go away, skin care experts recommend that you avoid doing this as it will make your pimple look worse than ever. Fortunately, you can make it disappear with the help of a concealer using the following tips.

  • Use foundation first. Before you apply concealer, you need to apply your foundation first. This will help even out your skin and you’ll find that you won’t have to use too much concealer in the process. If you choose to apply concealer first, you will be removing most of it when you put on your foundation.
  • Apply concealer in an upside down triangle under your eyes. Most women make the mistake of applying concealer on the areas under the eyes. Unfortunately, this creates an unevenness in terms of skin tone. What you need is to cover a large area so that the concealer won’t be too noticeable.
  • Know where to place your concealer. There is a common misconception that the concealer is only placed under the eyes but there are other areas where you need to put it too such as around the eyes, over the eyebrows, on the chin, and on the creases beside the nose. Once you have applied dots of concealer around these areas, spread them out evenly.
  • Dab some concealer on your eyelids. This trick is perfect for keeping that eye shadow from falling off your lids and ending up in the creases of your eyes, cheeks, and other areas. The concealer will keep your eye shadows in place for a much better look.
  • Green concealer works. If your acne is still visible, choose a green concealer instead. Since this is in the opposite side of the color wheel, this will help make your acne disappear easily. You need to dab directly on the pimple then smooth it down before applying your foundation. Just make sure that you don’t remove your concealer while applying your foundation so do it gently.
  • Conceal acne with same skin tone. In the event that the pimple is on your chest or any area that is visible, use a color that is the same as your skin tone then dust it with some translucent powder. Keep alternating the two until the blemish disappearss. The powder will help keep the concealer in place.
  • Switch it up. Switching your makeup can also help. There are times when your foundation can lessen the amount of concealer you are going to use which is better as it means less work for you.
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These are just a few concealer hacks that you should really try out if you want to minimize any skin blemishes that you have. The best part is that these tricks will work on almost anyone.

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