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Specialized Dementia Care – Determining Whether Alternative Living is the Most Ideal Option

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One of the hardest decisions that a lot of people have to make is to put a loved one in the care of other people, particularly in homes, specialized care, or assisted living facilities. Families of dementia patients are facing a very difficult task since their loved ones often no longer have the ability to participate in the decision making. However, as sad as these situations may be, most of the time, going for specialized dementia care is the most ideal option.

If you are having a hard time deciding on whether or not to have a loved one suffering from dementia get specialized and professional care, it is best for you to completely understand the situation.

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Factors that Will Help Determine Whether Alternative Living is the Most Appropriate Solution

Of course, it is still up to you on whether or not you will have a loved one get specialized dementia care through alternative living options. So as you take the time to come up with the most appropriate decision, it is crucial for you to learn about the factors that will help you get there. Below you will find a list of conditions that you should take into consideration. In the event that several or most of these conditions are met, it may be wise for you to take it already as an indication that alternate living may be the best option.

For the Person Suffering from Dementia

  • Is continuously becoming more isolated and withdrawn
  • Is experiencing continuous deterioration in his/her health
  • Is steadily losing weight because of disease progression
  • Is no longer able to perform certain tasks by his/herself such as feeding, bathing, and dressing oIs more prone to slips, trips, and falls
  • Needs help with ambulating
  • Is already bedridden oIs becoming more frequently unaware of his/her surroundings
  • Is experiencing an increase in problems related to incontinence
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For the Person Currently Providing Care to the Dementia Patient

  • Is no longer able to take time for him/herself
  • Does not have the physical strength to transfer or lift the dementia patient o Is suffering from lack of sleep or having a hard time getting sufficient rest
  • Is often neglecting other vital roles
  • Is feeling exhausted, helpless, stressed, or hopeless
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Choosing the Right Care Facility for Dementia Patients

If you have decided that the best solution is for your loved one to get specialized and professional dementia care, the next step is to choose the right care facility. There are many facilities offering these types of care services, many of which specialize in providing what dementia patients need. However, since there are just a lot of care facilities for you to choose from, it will be wise for you to obtain highly reliable referrals.

If you really want only the best care for your loved one suffering from dementia, make sure that you consider using the services offered by health care facilities accredited by the US Department of Health.

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