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Women’s Beauty and Wellness- Hair Accessories for the Modern Woman

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Hair accessories have traditionally been seen as something for younger women or children. And although some hair accessories have become accepted as part of formal wear – such as turbans – thereǯs a certain resistance to using them when it comes to chic style. Well, worry no longer, Here are some fashionable updates on some hair accessories.

Ribbons and Braids

Yes, ribbons may make you think of cheerleaders, but there is a way you can wear ribbons without looking a bit too old for them. For one, use longer, floppy ribbons in solid colors. Avoid the big-bowed ribbons. You should definitely avoid the stiff ones. Ribbons, when properly done, can give you an air of whimsy or playfulness that can offset a more formal attire. Here’s one idea: conventionally, you can make a French braid, and then tie the ribbon at the end. On the other hand, you can braid only half the length of your hair, tie the ribbon in the middle, and then let the rest of your hair go down like a standard ponytail.

Having ribbons in your hair isn’t just for pigtails now, and with proper placement and use, they can present a more sophisticated look, perfect for casual to formal affairs.

Short Ribbons– These kinds of ribbons look similar to bowties, and usually come in dark or muted colors. They work best when used in ponytails. However, it shouldn’t just be used to put up messy hair. Do make sure that your hair is cleanly combed and your ponytail positioned perfectly. Otherwise, you really will look like you just put up your hair.

Bow headbands – If you use lighter colors for a bow headband, you can achieve a retro 50s or 60s look or accent to your outfit. Darker colors tend to be more formal with this, so you can use it to make sure your hair stays in place when you’re in a dinner party.

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Long-tailed Ribbons– Ribbons with long tails give a more sensual look, and depending on what you are wearing, can soften a stiff ensemble, or, it can act as a focus or accent to give a hint of liveliness or playfulness.


Hairclips are coming into their own as eye-catchers, particularly when they have bold designs jewels or on them. Although hairclips have been traditionally used to keep hair in place, these days, a hairclip can also be used to place an accent in a womanǯs hair aside from making sure no stray locks go all over the place.

Ponytail clip–When used as to keep a ponytail in place, you can use the jeweled hair clip as an accent for your clothing from behind, so that people will know its you. It’s a particularly effective way to stand out in parties.

Clips in braids–It’s possible to use clips as details for braided hair, turning your hair into a fashion statement. Its a good idea to do, particularly if you choose to have a simple set of clothing, or have a muted color combination.

Clips in front–Using hair clips at the temples or near the front of your head can make them function as a floating crown or tiara, particularly if use a patterned set.


Flowers have a special place in hair accessories, as it gives a symbolic connection to spring, and life itself.You can use flowers to liven up somber clothes, or use them, conversely, as accents that can make a dress more formal.

Small flowers– You can use smaller flower designs to achieve a subtler, muted effect, perfect for affairs that are more formal.

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Headband– A floral headband can create an alluring “earth daughter” look – or make a person look more casual, particularly with the right clothing, such as a light sweater with the same colors.


The nice thing about scarves is that everyone has at least one in the dresser. Ideally, you’d need a cotton or silk scarf to pull this one off. Choose floral patterns for spring and summer, and use more muted colors and softer patterns for the fall and winter. Tie your hair into a ponytail, then tease the ponytail here and there to add some “mess”. After that, you should wrap your hair around the elastic, and then pin it to make a large bun. This is where the scarf comes in: Wrap the scarf around the bun, and then tie it on the side with a large knot.


Barrettes are experiencing a resurgence in popularity among fashionable hair accessories. First, you come up with a ponytail, and then tease the body of the pony for more volume. A little bit of tousling will give you a more sensual look. You can also tease out a little bit of hair in front, or let your bangs hang free. Once you’re done with that, clip your hair in place with a brightly-colored barrette.

Mixing it up

Obviously, its important for you to keep on experimenting with using the different kinds of hair accessories, so you can come up with your own look. Remember, the idea is restraint –don’t use too many of them! However, even if you’re using only one or two, its a good idea to have modern designs, or even have tasteful jewelry on them. So remember, just keep on trying out new looks that don’t look too much like you’re an overgrown little girl.

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Turbans used to be the domain of more mature women, but these days, they are a practical way to arrange your hair, particularly if you need a stylish look and have little time to prepare for it. Here are some ideas on how to maximize your turban:

Accent– Use your turban as an accent, perhaps by using an eye-catching print, or by using it much like a large headband or crown. If used as a sort of headband, you can wear it even with your hair down.

Poolside– if you donǯt want your hair getting wet while you are at the poolside, then a turban works wonders. You’ll be able to take a dip in the pool, and, barring practical jokes, you can look as stylish as ever while keeping your hair dry for a date or meeting later in the day.

Whole-day use– If you feel that your hair is already past the best look for the day, you should have a turban ready and just put your hair up for the last meeting before you go home.


Headbands are among the most traditional of hair accessories, and these iconic accessories are getting a stylish makeover with the following:

Embellished details– rather than having a nice print or folds, hair bands now come with solid embellishments and details, so you can have unusual but fun accents

Zippers –Unusual detailing, like zippers or perhaps even buttons can create a new look for your hair band and your overall attire. You can use these to make your hair band the focal point of your look, or as a theme focus, to emphasize a similar detail with your clothes.

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