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Eat Yourself to a Healthier 2016 You

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The fact that living healthily like from the old world is becoming trendy is very fortunate. We have been living so mindlessly, growing up or still surviving on mostly sodium, trans fat, sugar and preservative-rich diet for quite some time. Eating and living so healthy to the point you know where most of your food sources come from should not just be a trend- but a requirement. Acquiring organic, artisanal and just plain healthy, whole food items is getting more widely available in commercial markets. Grabbing whole foods over halfway processed items are being more considered, cooking is a basic and vital life skill. Even if you think you are not that good at cooking just try seared fish or baked chicken with easy boiled/stir-fried vegetables. A lot of simple, beginner cooking can also easily be healthy cooking.

Clean foods or reasonably clean foods with exercise is actually more delicious than rich food you eat out, some people do not realize this right away because preservatives, too much sugar/salt messes with a person’s palate.

If it has to take a trend to remind people that we messed up the way we naturally eat then let the trends be. This article will be more inspiring to you if you have a desire to cook or can cook, but fret not! Cooking is a lot simpler than people think and countless free videos are available online or cookbooks by your shelves. Boiling, steaming, quick pan searing and oven baking are simple cooking methods that are nice to start with. Healthy does not have to be bland if you add enough fat and seasoning. Here is a list of healthy new grocery items to consider in your next basket.

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1. Amaranth/Quinoa

Both cook quickly and are similar in texture while Quinoa is more familiar. They are great in soups or salads and are known to pack a protein and fibre punch

2. Pickles

You can pickle anything, however you want it. You don’t have to live not liking pickles, there are so many different ways you could put the brine together. Okra is great pickled as it takes away the sliminess most people can’t get over.


An interesting item that easily goes with Asian or Asian-inspired cuisine. Salty and quite gelatinous in texture, this alien-looking yet popular food item packed with antioxidants, nutrients and a good amount of iodine and calcium even.


Really let us try to consider unless you are one of those people who let their mind control their stomach too much. It has been proven for a long time that they are cleaner than warm-blooded animals, are incredibly packed with protein and taste pretty crispy-meaty good.

5. Moringa or Malunggay

Rich in B6, Vitamin C, iron and more. Soft, very delicate and mildly odd yet addictive in chicken soups.


An Ethiopian gluten-free grain that is key in injera bread making. Has many other uses in other dishes.

7. African Foods

Singaporean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Indian, Malaysian and Filipino food are common food trends now but African is another rainbow of a cuisine to consider. Rich, spiced, filling it is just wonderful its unique spice mixes.

8. Cactus Water

For those who love coconut water and cucumber water.9. Yogurt Nothing new of a trend her but an oldie is a goodie.

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10.Non-chicken eggs

Yummy idea right?

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