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Beauty Tips from Brazilian Models

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We can’t help but envy the sultry looks that Brazilian models, like Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, have. Every time they walk down the runway, all eyes are on them, with their long flowing hair, their long legs, and stunning figure, it’s no wonder many are striving to become like them. But genetics play a part with their looks which means that yours may not give you those long legs you’ve always wanted. Should this stop you from looking like a superstar? Not really!

Your favorite Brazilian models have shared their favorite beauty tips which you might want to try out. Here are a few to get you started.

Nude liner

It appears that your favorite models don’t really wear a lot of makeup when they are not on the runway. As a matter of fact, Alessandra Ambrosio just applies nude liner around her lips before applying lip balm. This natural look leaves her lips looking soft and smooth which is perfect for that no-makeup look. Well, to tell you the truth, it doesn’t hurt to go less makeup when you’re out and about so that you will be able to show your natural beauty to the world.

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Skip the hairbrush

Giselle Bundchen’s stunning mane has always been a point of contention as it is quite unfair for someone to have those long and beautiful hair. So how was she able to keep it that way? Well, she skips brushing her hair after applying conditioner. What she does instead is to run her fingers through here hair then let it air dry. She does comb her hair while she is in the shower, but after that, she leaves her hair very much alone. Who would have thought that her hair is not high maintenance?

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Coconut oil

Another Brazilian bombshell who shared her beauty tips is Lais Oliveira and she swears by coconut oil. It appears that her mother made use of coconut oil not just when she was cooking but also for taking care of her skin. And it appears that she has followed the footsteps of her mom when it comes to caring for her gorgeous skin. Of course, you will need to go for the extra virgin coconut oil and only a small amount is needed for your skin to be nourished. The best part? You can use coconut oil to clean your teeth as well. How cool is that?

Coconut water

It appears that these Brazilian beauties have a thing with coconut. Adriana Lima shared another of her beauty routine and that was soaking her skin with cotton pads that had been steeped in cold coconut water. Coconut water does have nutritional benefits which your body needs after a long and exhausting day. Lima certainly knows how to pamper her skin and I think we can treat ours the same way too.

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Chill your spoon

Even models suffer from bags under their eyes especially when they’re preparing for a gig the following day. With all the goings on backstage, it’s easy for these models to skip on sleep. Well, their makeup artists haven’t really forgotten their ward and suggests that chilling some teaspoons and placing them on tired eyes can reduce the size of the bags under the eyes. You can try this out yourself. You might be surprised with the results. 

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Who would have thought that these women are using such simple beauty tips to keep themselves looking amazing. Let’s try these out and see how they turn out!

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