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Dry Skin Remedies to Try

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When it comes to our skin, we all wish that we could have this smooth, soft, and supple skin that glows naturally. What we end up with is a totally different matter as our genes can play a part on our skin type. Of course, that’s just one part of it. The other one is how you care for your skin. You see, even though our skin type can lean towards dry, it doesn’t mean that it always have to be so. As a matter of fact, there are ways in which you can make your dry skin feel soft and smooth by following a few home remedies for dry skin. Sounds good? Here are a few solutions for you to start with.

Water mist

One reason why our skin becomes dry is when there is not enough moisture in the air. Use a spray mist to spray some fine mist on your face to help your skin absorb more water in the process. It is the lack of moisture that is sapping our skin their much needed hydration hence they become dry. It would be better if you apply fresh aloe vera gel on your face to increase absorption of water before spraying your face with a fine mist of water.

Extra virgin olive oil

If you have some of this oil in your pantry then you are in luck as olive oil has been found to be effective in treating dry skin. For one thing, olive oil contains essential fats that can help keep your skin stay plump while it also leaves an extra layer of protection against the harsh rays of the sun. You can add a few drops of it on your moisturizer for better absorption. Aside from the fatty acids, there are antioxidants present here too that protect your skin from premature aging.

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Go for room temperature water

Another remedy that can help you treat your dry skin is to take a shower using room temperature. Going for a hot soak or hot shower is all well and good because it helps your muscles relax, but when you have dry skin, you are actually stripping the natural oils on your skin which makes it dry up even more. Using room temperature water is much better for your skin. Afterwards, dab your skin with a clean towel then apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp so that more moisture is absorbed by your skin.


What else can you use for your dry skin? Well, raw organic honey is actually beneficial to your skin as it is rich in moisturizing, antioxidants, and antibacterial properties. Applying a thin layer of it on your skin can help fight off any bacteria that is causing those inflammation on your skin while repairing damaged tissues in the process. Leave it on for 10 minutes then rinse afterwards and you’ll see a huge difference. You can actually mix it with other ingredients such as sugar to create an exfoliating solution to improve your skin’s condition further.


Those who have dry skin often have itchy skin too. This is because the lack of moisture is exacerbating the problem. With that being said, a good remedy to help you with this issue is to use milk. Milk contains lactic acid that helps reduce the inflammation that your skin is suffering from which is why adding it to your bath water can help you feel better after. If you only have small patches dry and irritated skin, apply some milk to it and leave it there for five minutes. Wash it off afterwards.

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