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Different Ways to Use a Blow-Dryer

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One of the most versatile item you can have in your home is a blow dryer. It’s not only good for drying your hair, but different day to day situations too. Below are some great tips to help you master the blow drying game. From cutting your blow drying time to fixing tight shoes. Below are different ways and tips
for your blow dryer!

Quick Drying Nails

Do you always mess up your newly polished nails? Get your blow dryer out of the bathroom and cool dry them. Apply a low to medium cool air over your freshly painted nails to help set the nail polish faster. The cool air will make the nails shiny and prevent you from chipping it. Avoid using hot air since itcan make the polish tacky and cause it to dry slower.

Break In New Shoes

We all have that shoe that we just bought and can seem to wear. We end up getting blisters all over our feet after wearing them. It’s hard to break in new shoes when it causes you too much pain. Now, you can break in your shoes without getting those pesky blisters. Start by wearing one or two pair of thick socks (depends on how tight the shoes are). Apply medium to high heat inside of your new shoes and let the air warm up the inside of the shoe. Remove the drier and wear the shoes. Walk around the house for a few minutes. Remove your socks and test if the leather stretched out. If not, repeat the process.

Self-tanner Dryer

It’s hard to apply self-tanner at home and it is even harder to wait for it to dry. You end up standing with your arms out and legs spread apart naked in your bathroom for a long period of time waiting for it to dry completely. You can shorten this agonizing process by using a blow dryer. Ask your sister or friend to blast cool air from your dryer all over, especially on the legs and arms to make it dry faster. If you don’t have anyone with you, take your dryer and star drying from top to bottom.

Reduce Blow Dryer Damage

As much as we love using our blow dry every day, we all know the damage it can do. Heat is heat no matter where you get it from. You can minimize the damage from your blow dry by squeezing out the excess moisture from your hair and letting it air dry. You can also stand in front of a fan to let it dry faster. When it is 90% dry, start using your blow dryer to add some shine and volume to your hair. You can also opt for microfiber towels. This can help remove most of the excess water from your hair.

Heat Protectant

People often use a heat protectant spray when they’re using flat irons or curling irons, but using them before blow drying is also important. Any time you use any type of heating tool on your hair it is important to create a layer of protection on the hair. The heat protectant works as a shield to prevent the heat from removing the moisture from your hair. This will prevent it from frizz and damage. Leaving your hair unprotected from blow drying everyday will cause it to be dry and prone to breakage.


Want to maintain your natural curls or wave? Start by attaching a diffuser to your hair and keep it in low heat. The diffuser will help distribute the heat evenly, this will add more definition to your curls and add body.

Sectioning works

When you section your hair, you distribute the heat of the blower more evenly, making blow drying quicker and easier. Start by creating 4 main sections and dividing it into smaller sections.

Add volume and Remove Cowlick

When blow drying your hair take each section and blow dry it using multiple directions. This will prevent the hair from creating a distinct parting. This will also add more volume to the roots. Remove cowlicks by spraying water on them and using a round brush. Apply pressure and heat to the section and use
different directions to prevent it from stick upwards.
Whether you want to add some volume to your limp hair, make your hairstyles last longer or dry some wet documents, then a blow dryer is right for you. This heat styling tool can help make your hair shinier, bouncier and smoother. Blow dryers can also help you through everyday dilemmas. Having a hard time
keeping your blow dryer out of the way? Screw a magazine rack in your bathroom to keep it organized.
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