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Makeup Mistakes That Add 10 Years

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What you wear, how you smell, how you do your hair and your makeup can help change how old you look. Wearing something youthful or having a youthful makeup may not mean that you’d look sixteen again. It’s really important to be able to wear the right things to make you appear younger.

When we were young we’d usually wear clothes or put on makeup to help us appear more mature than how we really were. Now, that we are older we do a lot to make us appear younger. Facial creams, medical procedures and makeup have been made to make us appear younger. You may have applied all the anti-aging creams in the world but wearing the wrong shirt or applying the wrong makeup can age you by ten years.

Women tend to forget to update their wardrobe and makeup when we get older. This can be a huge factor to making you appear older. Using the same product or wearing the same clothes you had when you were 18 can actually give away your real age. Avoid making these mistakes by avoiding this makeup and fashion mistakes.

Over Concealing the Under Eye Area

Concealers come in thicker density than foundation. This density causes concealers more prone to creases. The under eye area is prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Applying thick amount of concealer on this area will make wrinkle more visible. Prevent this by using a highlighter instead. This is more diluted than concealers, but is still able to cover up dark circles.

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Dark Lip Color

Dark lipstick makes the lips appear smaller and thinner. As we age our lips naturally becomes thinner. Fuller lips are also a great hallmark for a youthful appearance. Avoid using lipstick that are dark and has a blue undertone. Pick shades that are brighter and have shimmer.

Being Too Trendy

Avoid buying clothes that are too trendy. These clothes usually go out of style within the next season. Invest in clothes that are classic and sophisticated. You can always add more drama to your outfit with accessories and hairstyles.

Using Too Much Foundation

Like concealers, foundation when applied in excess can seep through fine lines and wrinkles making it more visible. Prevent this by buying foundation that is water based. Avoid products that are long wearing, have a matte finish and velvet. Pick liquid foundations that have sheer formulas.

Heavy Black Eye Liner

Dramatic eyes or dark eyeliners tend to fit a certain age group. Mature Women and the heavy black eye liner does go out of style. Our eyelashes tend to thin out when we get older and wrinkles appear on our eyes. Drawing attention to this area of the face will only make you appear older. If you want to place emphasis in your eyes, pick neutral color such as browns and nude to bring out your eyes.

Long Hair

As we age, long hair tends to make us appear older and short hairstyles make us look younger. Why you ask? As we age we lose most of the fat in our face making it appear longer and hollower. Youth is correlated to fuller cheeks and a rounder face. Short haircuts make the face appear rounder and fuller.

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One of the most common makeup mistakes that make you look older is forgetting to wear blush! Blush can give you those rosy cheeks that give instant brightness to your face. Apply a small amount of blush on the apple of your cheeks and top it off with a little shimmer. This will make your cheeks appear fuller.

Dark Eyebrow Pencil

The colors in our eyebrow fade when we age. Wearing the same eyebrow color you’ve had in the past decade will only make your skin appear paler. Pick an eyebrow pencil shade that is one shade darker than your original eyebrow color. If your eyebrows start to thin out, use a clear mascara gel to groom the brows and draw with fine strokes to create the illusion of hair.

Now that you know about these common makeup and fashion mistakes, you’ll know how to handle yourself better. Wearing the right clothes and using the right makeup can make you look and feel younger. Don’t let your age get in the way of you being in style. Analyze your body shape to help distinguish the right clothes for you and when it comes to makeup the simpler the better.

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