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Home Remedies for Cold Sore Scab on Lips

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The scabbing phase of a cold sore is a sign of proper healing. While that’s definitely great news, for many people it’s actually a disaster — it’s ugly and very much noticeable, plus it tends to itch like crazy! If you have a cold sore scab on your lip and you are wondering what you can do to make it go away faster, then continue reading.

A cold sore scab usually falls on its own in a week or two, so the goal is to simply wait for that to happen. And while waiting for it, here are some tips that you may try to avoid complications.

Do Not Scratch or Pick It

One of the most important things to remember is this: you should never ever scratch. Otherwise, the scab may only fall off prematurely, delaying the much-anticipated healing. Similarly, you should refrain from picking at it just to make it go away ASAP — it may cause the cold sore to bleed, thus resulting in the formation of a new scab.

Apply Cold Wet Compress

There is no denying that a cold sore scab on the lip can be very itchy, and scratching is a no-no, just like what’s mentioned earlier. So to help reduce the itchy feeling, fashion a very small cotton pad and soak it in cold water. Place on the scab. Repeat as necessary throughout the day to keep scratching at bay.

Daub Aloe Vera Gel

You may also try applying a little aloe vera gel on the cold sore scab to save yourself from scratching. That’s because aloe vera gel contains soothing properties, plus it also has antiviral effects that can help keep the infection from spreading. Pure aloe vera juice may be used instead if you have no access to an aloe vera plant.

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Or Try a Little Petroleum Jelly

Fret not if there’s no aloe vera plant or juice around because you may simply opt for something that it very much likely already somewhere in your home: petroleum jelly. Applying a thin layer of it twice or thrice a day can help keep the cold sore scab on your lip moisturized, thus encouraging it to fall off soon.

Put a Drop or Two of Vanilla

Did you know that vanilla extract is a phenomenal home remedy for a cold sore? It also works very well on a cold sore scab on the lip, providing relief from the itchiness as well as preventing an infection. Just make sure that the vanilla extract you are about to apply is 100 percent pure.

Wash and Dry Separately

Steer clear of the cold sore scab on your lip when washing your face — you have to soap and rinse it separately. And also, that scab should be dried with a separate towel to ward off an infection. Be very gentle when washing the scab. It’s a good idea to opt for glycerin soap to help keep the scab from becoming too dry, which can make it itch further.

Not too many people are fond of talking about a cold sore. And that’s why it is a good idea to have this article reposted on your various social media accounts — to let someone you know who has a cold sore scab on the lip learn what he or she should do to avoid any other problem that may stem from it.

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