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Three Things You Need To Do Before Going to Bed

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You deserve a restful sleep at night. Getting a good night’s sleep should not be far within your reach. There are many things that you can follow and implement for you to experience perfect sleep every night. It is important to sleep soundly at night. For one, we spend up to 2/3 of our lives sleeping. It is but unfortunate if all those time spent in bed are not properly allocated to the activity of sleeping. If you are having a hard time falling asleep or if you keep on tossing and turning at night, you may want to follow these general recommendations:

– Exercise during day time

– Limit the intake of alcohol and caffeine a few hours before bedtime

These measures are actually easier than done. If you’re one of the millions of people whose leading busy lifestyles, then here are some tips that will help you relax the body and the mind so you can sleep more soundly.

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1. Water, water, water

At least twenty minute before turning in, reward yourself a calming shower or bath. Dim the lights and put on some relaxing tunes and hit the shower or tub. A warm shower will definitely help in inducing a peaceful sleep as this soothes tired and achy muscles. The steam from hot or warm water also clears the sinuses, thus helping those with allergies to sleep well at night. Taking a bath also gets rid of germs that may have accumulated on the skin throughout the day. By keeping clean before bedtime, you are making it easy for the body to fall asleep quickly at night.

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2. Stretch and sleep

After a relaxing warm shower or dip in the tub, the next thing you need is stretching. Once you’re done putting on your sleepwear, try various stretching exercises to relax tired and sore muscles with stretching routines. Majority of us complain about lower back pain. To fix this problem, you may want to try out a sequence of yoga asanas or movements to offer relief from the pain. These routines should also be done if you are complaining about sore neck and shoulder pain. A short massage of achy and sore body parts will ease the tension altogether. The application of heating pad is also ideal if you want to calm down and relax different sore areas of the body.

3. The only boring read you should experience

Once you have slipped under the sheets and you still aren’t sleepy, try reading a book. Make sure the books aren’t as interesting to you as the other books from the shelves. Just read books that feature boring, stale topics and you’ll be sleeping in to time. Make sure to grab yourself an actual book, rather than reading from a tablet or iPad. The light coming from these devices actually wakes up the brain, wanting you to continue reading for a longer time.

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