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What Would Happen If You Quit Wearing Makeup for a Week?

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Makeup hides your flaws and emphasizes your best features, thus making you feel more beautiful and confident. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you turned your back on putting makeup for an entire week? Well, wonder no more — here are some of the most amazing things you would enjoy if you did:

You Would Have Less Breakouts

Chemicals in makeup collect in the pores of your skin, leaving them clogged and prone to bacterial infection. When such happens, pimples show up — and the more pimples you have, the more makeup you tend to apply. If your reason for putting on lots of makeup is to keep those zits away from view, try not wearing any makeup for a week. Chances are that your skin will clear up, leaving no reason for you to reach for your makeup kit each time.

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You Would Have Smaller Pores

Toxins collecting, skin oils overflowing, bacteria striking — these things can make your pores look humungous, and all of them can be brought about by the use of makeup. For about a week, try not putting any cosmetic on your skin — except for moisturizer and sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, of course! With your pores considerably smaller after a week, you will find that your selfies need not have tons of filters!

You Would Have a Glowing Complexion

Putting on a lot of makeup can impede the natural renewal of your skin. This is especially true if you oftentimes hit the sack without removing your makeup thoroughly. It causes dead skin cells to accumulate, keeping the fresh layer of skin underneath out of sight. This can make your complexion look dull, and the sight of it will only make you slather on more makeup on your skin. No amount of highlighter can beat a naturally glowing complexion.

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You Would Look Younger

Freckles, natural rosy cheeks, a little shine — did you know that these are all associated with youth? That is why going makeup-free can actually help make you look younger. Besides, in order to compensate for not applying makeup for several days, you will embrace better skincare routines in order to make sure that you will look awesome despite of not applying a speck of cosmetic on your face — such will defy age!

You Would Have Less Eye Irritation

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Lots of eye makeup contain preservatives that can leave your eyes irritated. There is no use in having long eyelashes and the perfect wing tip eyeliner if your peepers are watery and reddened. What’s more, experts say that some eye cosmetics out there contain ingredients that can cause conjunctivitis, or sometimes called pink eye. Ditch wearing makeup, most especially on your eyes, for an entire week and you can say goodbye to eye irritation.

You Would Become Less Stressed

The steep costs of some of the most popular brands of makeup, the latest trends in the world of makeup, all the hours spent online watching tutorial videos — these can definitely leave you stressed out. Certainly, there are some stressors in life that cannot be avoided, and then there are some that can actually be dodged. One of them is stressing over the perfect makeup that you think can make you stand out when in fact it only makes you blend in more.

You Would Have a Healthier Lifestyle

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Finally, ditching makeup application for an entire week can give you the opportunity to embrace a healthier lifestyle. We all know the importance of having a hearty breakfast, which is skipped by lots of women who cannot start their day without spending several minutes in front of a mirror putting on makeup. Also, the time you spend in the morning applying tons of makeup may instead be used for a brisk walk or jog around the neighborhood.

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