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Never Eat These 12 Foods on an Empty Stomach

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Got a grumbling tummy? Get your hands on anything BUT the 12 foods listed below. Otherwise, consuming them on an empty stomach may cause you to end up with anything from an achy belly to increased risk of diabetes!



Yeast found abundantly in pastries can cause irritation of the stomach’s lining, and this can lead to flatulence. Having tons of gas in the gut is both uncomfortable and embarrassing!



Anything that has tomatoes in it should be avoided when your stomach is empty. That’s because tomatoes stimulate the production of loads of stomach acids, and this can lead to a nasty case of heartburn.


Raw Veggies

It’s no secret that vegetables are packed with beneficial fiber. However, fiber can be a complete downside when there is nothing in your stomach, most especially if its food source is uncooked.



Consider steering clear of pears when you’re famished. While loaded with free radical-fighting antioxidants, tough fibers in pears can irritate the lining of stomach, leaving you in a great deal of pain.



Other than being loaded with fiber that can be bad for an empty stomach, bananas can also cause a spike in the levels of magnesium in the blood and this can be bad for your heart, according to medical professionals.


Spicy Food

Do your best to stay away from anything spicy if your stomach is rumbling. Otherwise, you can be sure that the rumbling you are feeling will only be replaced by a sharp or burning sensation due to excess acids.

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Citrus Fruits

Oranges, limes, grapefruit and other citrusy treats should be avoided when your stomach is empty. The sheer acidity of citrus fruits can certainly cause irritation of the lining of your stomach, leading to an unbearable tummy pain.



Just like citrus fruits, soda is highly acidic, which makes it especially terrible to drink when you have an empty stomach. But whether your stomach is empty or not, do your health a favor — avoid soda completely.



There are a couple of reasons why taking coffee on an empty stomach is a bad thing. First, it can cause production of excess acids. Second, it can slow down the digestion of protein-containing foods taken afterwards.



Likewise, it’s also a good idea for you to refrain from having a cup of tea when you are feeling hungry. Although it packs less caffeine than coffee, tea can also have the same effect on an empty stomach just like a cup of java.



Never eat sugar-laden treats when your tummy is begging for food. Experts say that this will suddenly increase the workload of the virtually idle pancreas, possibly increasing your diabetes risk.



Last but not least, try to enjoy yogurt after and not before meals. Otherwise, those loads of stomach acids will only kill off beneficial bacteria in yogurt. What a waste of the good stuff!


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