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Yoga Position for Bad Posture

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We can get bad posture from the way we sit, stand, the types of shoes we wear, the position we sleep in and so much more. Long commutes and constantly sitting in front of a computer will contribute to bad posture. Bad posture can affect our health and appearance.

Yoga positions can actually correct bad posture and remove muscle pain. A few minutes of practicing yoga in the morning or before going to bed can help boost the mood, improve posture, energize the body, relax the mind and keep the body fit.

Yoga works as a low intensity exercise that open up muscles from the neck to the toes and is highly praised due to its health benefits. Let’s reap these benefits and practice these yoga positions that fix bad posture.

1. Cow Face Pose

– Place your yoga mat on the floor and sit on it with cross legs, with one leg over the other. Align your knees on top of each other as much as you can, stop when you experience pain. If you can’t keep both your legs flat, you can angle the leg that is above slightly upward or tuck your feet behind your buttocks. Keep the right foot near the left hip and the left foot near the right hip. Straighten your back and neck and keep it aligned. If your right leg is over your left, then raising your right hand above your head, place your left hand behind your back palm facing outward. Now, use your right hand to slowly reach your left. If you find this too painful use a towel for better reach. Inhale and slowly bend your upper body forward. Exhales slowly and go back to original position. Repeat these steps on the opposite side.

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2. Upward-Facing Dog

– Lie down on your mat, face down as if you are about to perform a pushup. Lay your palm firmly on the ground and extend your arm pushing your torso forward. Keep your gaze on the ceiling and your legs straight. Apply pressure on your toes and lift your thigh and torso an inch or two off the ground. Keep this position for two to three deep breathes and repeat 2 to 3 times. You will experience a stretch in your back, torso and arm.

3. Table Top

– Sit on the floor, knees bent with feet flat on the floor. Slightly leaning backward place your arms behind your back, palms facing downward and away the body. Lift your hips from the ground and align it to your shoulder and knees, creating a “table” form with your body. Hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds and repeat 2 to 3 times.

4. Standing Forward Bend

– Stand straight and gently roll your upper body down as far as you can. Let your head hang and experience the stretch in your spine. Grab your elbows with opposite hands and inhale. Release your arms and gently stretch your arms above your head, rolling your body to standing position and exhale.

These are the ideal poses to perform to lengthen the spine and correct bad posture. Practice these positions every day and you’ll experience less shoulder and back pain within weeks.

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