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How To Eat More and Still Lose Weight

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Yes you can eat more and still lose weight. There’s no need to go hungry when you are trying to reduce weight.

Nutritionists and health coaches are calling it an alternative to traditional diets. They are calling it eating healthy or crowding out.

So let’s find out, how you can eat more and still lose weight:

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Always start your day with a healthy and well-balanced breakfast that includes protein-rich foods including whole grains, fruits and vegetables. A high protein breakfast will help to control your appetite all day.

Breakfast is the key for your metabolic engine and a successful weight loss. Even when you are in a hurry, choose a quick and tasty breakfast.

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2. Eat Healthier Foods

The important thing to remember is to eat healthier foods and then ease into it. There will be an adjustment on your part, but when you eat simply and healthier your cravings will eventually change.

You will then form new eating habits. Start small by using olive oil when cooking, using garlic, salt and pepper instead of a rich sauce and using avocado instead of a salad dressing.

3. Snacking

Keep a well-timed and healthy snack options to avoid that late afternoon crash and overeating at meal time. A healthy but high in calorie snacks like dried fruit and nuts should be consumed in small amounts.

4. Crowd Out But Don’t Pile On

Avoid just adding healthy foods into your regular meal consumption, as this can result in overeating. Choose healthy options instead for your favorite snacks and meals.

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A good example is having a baked sweet potato instead French fries.

5. Have Something Sweet

Add a sweet-tasting food into your main course to ward off urges for sugary desserts. Add some pear or apple into your salad to make you feel more satisfied minus the cravings.

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