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How to Keep Your Nail Polish from Chipping

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Have you ever tried to paint your nails and even create cute nail arts on them and have them chip the next day? We’ve all been through it. When things like this happen, we usually just give up and opt for professional help. However, getting your nails done in a salon can be expensive. If your only problem with your nail polish application is chipping, this article is for you.

Prep Your Nails Before Applying Nail Polish

Like makeup we need to prep our nails to make nail polish last longer. Small imperfections in our nails can make nail polish more prone to chipping. Imperfections such as ridges, bumps and left over nail polish can affect your nail polish. We want an even and smooth base before applying nail polish. Make sure to remove your previous nail polish completely, especially nail polish that contains glitter. Shape your nail the way you want, then buffer and file your nails for a smooth base.

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Choosing the Right Product

What you put on your nails does matter. If you buy nail polish that you get from kiddie toys, then you have no reason to be surprised why your nail polish is chipping. Find quality products to apply on your nails and make sure that you invest in a good top coat.


Applying your nail polish heavy handed and in a rush will guarantee that it will chip. To make sure that your nail polish will stick, you need to layer them properly. Don’t apply your second coat when your first one is still wet. Give it time to dry before applying the next coat and continue this until you reach your top coat. There is no need to rush because it takes nail polish about 2 minutes to completely dry. You’ll notice that your nail polish will have a glass like surface once it dries completely. When you apply nail polish before it completely dries, you get the peeling sheet effect. This makes the nail polish stick to each other instead of the nail. Apply thin layers, the thicker the layers the more prone you are to chipping.

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Save It For Later

If you get your nail polish done in a professional salon, tell them to leave the top coat out. Leave your nails to completely dry within the day. When you get home apply the gel top coat and place your nails under light for a minute. This will make the polish stronger and make it last longer.

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Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands before you apply your nail polish is incredibly important. Yet, most of us forget to do it. Washing your hand will remove any dirt and oil that may be hiding on your nail and the skin around it. This can prevent the nail polish from sticking to the nail.

There you have it! No more, messy looking chipped nail polish! Keep these tips in mind the next time your pain your nails. Get the perfect and long lasting manicure every time. Stay beautiful!

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