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Fantastic Beauty Uses for Brine

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Brine is commonly used for cooking and processing foods. Are you aware that a lot of beauty-conscious women are also using it to deal with some very common cosmetic issues?

Cheap and all-natural, brine can be employed for addressing anything from bad breath to a fungal infection.

So if currently you are being bugged by a beauty problem and you don’t want to spend a fortune getting your hands on a commercially-available remedy for it, continue reading. See if the nightmare you are facing is one of the so many issues that can be sorted out with something as simple as using brine.

Discolored Teeth

You can dip your toothbrush in brine to get rid of superficial stains that keep your pearly whites from looking, well, white. Or you can also add a few drops of brine to baking soda and use the resulting mixture as an alternative to whitening toothpaste that carries a steep price tag but may not actually deliver.

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Especially if you smoke (which you should quit ASAP!) or are fond of drinking coffee, tea or wine, you can rely on brine to keep your chompers from being discolored.

Bad Breath

According to dental experts, dealing with bad breath by gargling with an alcohol-based mouthwash can do more harm than good. If you are on the hunt for a cheaper and more mouth-friendly alternative to some of today’s popular mouthwashes, gargle with brine.

By the way, you can also count on brine if you have a sore throat, which is also something that can leave your breath smelling horrid. In fact, you can use brine for dealing with many other oral problems.

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Pimples and Acne

What makes brine an excellent ingredient for processing foods is it possesses amazing antimicrobial properties. This is exactly the reason why it’s something that you may use for treating those pesky pimples and acne.

Using a cotton swab, all you have to do is daub a little brine on each and every pimple that you have on your face, neck, chest or anywhere else on the body. Allow brine to dry completely — doing so helps make those pimples dry faster, allowing you to be spotted with pimple-free skin in no time.

You may also regularly apply brine on acne to put an end to bacterial and inflammatory activity, thus accelerating the drying and healing process.


Everyone knows that those darned blackheads can keep us from posting selfies without having the beauty mode set on the highest level. Did you know that something as simple as applying brine can help make blackheads go away?

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In addition, brine can also keep blackheads from becoming infected — that’s something that you don’t want to happen because they can cause your pores to end up larger. In addition, blackheads that are infested with bacteria can easily end up inflamed, turning them into pimples.

Fungal Infections

There is no denying that having fungal infections can make you look and feel so unattractive. Instead of rushing to the nearest pharmacy and getting your hands on a tube of anti-fungal cream (it can be very embarrassing if your cute neighbor is there, too!), why not give brine a try first?

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Apply a little brine on ringworm, jock itch, athlete’s foot and even dandruff on a regular basis. The disinfecting and also drying properties of brine can help put a fungal infection to an end in no time.

So how do you make brine?

All you need to do is dissolve 1/2 tablespoon of salt in 1/2 cup of water — that’s how simple it is! To make salt dissolve more effectively, use warm water and allow it to cool a bit before employing it for various beauty purposes.

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