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The Healthy Combination of Honey and Cinnamon

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Honey as we know it has quite a lot of health benefits when it stands alone. It has been used as a household remedy for countless problems. It is also significantly effective towards these problems. For those who love to use natural remedies against health problems, this is a gold mine for them. It can be added to both our food and can be ingested by itself. When honey is straight from the beehive that’s when it is the healthiest.

The medicinal benefits of honey have gone as far as ancient Egypt and china. We had people from these ancient civilizations offering honey to their gods. In Egypt people even went as far as embalming themselves in it. In general honey is somewhat of a big deal. Raw honey is the best type of honey; however, it is not advised to give this to children as it may cause them to fall sick. This is due to the content of the soil. For us adults honey is perfectly safe. Since it is also a perfect substitute for sugar it serves as an energy source. Processes honey also has equal benefits but not knowing what it has been processed with might be a reason to worry. Nonetheless, it still makes it a lot better and a lot healthier than regular sugar.

Here are some of the health benefits of honey

– For those who suffer from sleeping disorder, a tablespoon of honey can serve as a natural sleeping aid. Instead of you having to use sleeping pills might as well take honey. It tastes better too.

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– As mentioned earlier, since honey is also technically sugar, this makes it a source of energy. A healthy one too.

– When dealing with a severe cough, honey can help you with that.

– One of the most unconventional uses of honey is for the hair. Yes, honey can be used to go against things like dandruff and its likes.

– It helps you to boost your memory.

Another very healthy antioxidant that is very healthy and rich in flavor is cinnamon. Most of us do not imagine cinnamon to be a healthy spice. Cinnamon has quite a lot of benefits if only we did our research. Regardless of its sweet aroma, cinnamon contains antioxidants that does the body a whole lot of good. In the Chinese tradition, it is known that cinnamon affects the body by producing heat which turns to heal cold. Somewhat like yin and yang. These are some of the health benefits of cinnamon

– As mentioned earlier it contains antioxidants which help clean the body from the unwanted substances.,

– It can help significantly reduce heart disease

-It contains anti-inflammatory properties

-It can prevent cancer

Knowing all of these benefits, you might want to pick up the next cinnamon roll you see. Although, the cinnamon you find in stores and in wellness chains is not the same cinnamon that has these benefits. The ones find in the stores are called the cassia type, and the ones that can give you great health benefits are classified as the Ceylon type. The Ceylon type can prove a bit hard to find, but when you find it is definitely worth it. There are websites online that cater to these products.

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So now we know about the health benefits of cinnamon and honey. What if we combined honey and cinnamon together, what would be the after effect of that? Cinnamon and honey make a great combination, and know that they benefit the body significantly, when you put them together, it can be considered a miracle combination. Listed below are some of the health benefits we can get from honey and cinnamon combined.

– It helps reduce joint pain

-It promotes strong hair reducing your chances of hair loss- It helps the heart stay strong and healthy

-A home remedy to common colds

– Due to the composition of these two, combined as a group the work perfectly towards indigestion. If ever you find yourself having a stomach problem, then this might be the fix for that.

– Knowing that they are both sweet in nature one might worry about their sugar levels. However, the sugar that is in both of them is the healthy kind and would pose no threat to your health.

– If you are suffering from acne problems and no creams or over the counter solutions seem to work, then making paste from these two can help dry out the pimples and leave your face feeling smooth and fresh.

– As mentioned earlier they both are sugar, meaning they both are a source of energy. This allows it to be a great source of energy.

– The composition of cinnamon and honey helps is break down the bad cholesterol in our body

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