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How to Burn More Calories All Day

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If you can go to the gym on an everyday basis to blast away around 500 calories, then very well and good—but if you somehow fall into the category where your idea of an everyday workout involves sitting on a chair for 8 hours, then you may not be too happy at the rate your fats will be falling off your body. Luckily, there are stealthy yet effective ways to up your metabolism so you can burn more calories all day long. Interested? Check out these tips that can help you lose weight in a lesser amount of time.

1. Rise and sweat.

If you’re aware that you have very limited time to go to the gym in the morning, then the best recourse is to set your alarm about 15 minutes early. Make sure to do something first that can ignite your metabolism levels—do a circuit of the proven basics like jumping jacks, squats, push-ups and crunches.You do these and you’ll start the calorie-crunching
process that can continue all-day long.

2. Do the 1 x 10 trick.

Try to find 10 opportunities during the entire day to elevate your heart rate for a minute at a time. This move will bring added oxygen to your brain which can help keep you alert and active. It also has the capacity to burn as much as 300-400 calories per day. Try doing 10 squats at the end of each hour, or do walking lunges when you’re on your way to the restroom or the cafeteria.

3. Keep it cool

Did you know that cranking your airconditioner up anotch can help you melt those fats? When you keep your room at the chilly side, it can increase your body’s brown fat production by up to 40%. When activated by cold temperatures, brown fats burn more calories to help your body stay warm even when you’re sitting or lounging around.

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4. Hit the floor

When you’re watching TV, sit on the floor and you stand to lose more calories than if you’re seated on the couch. Why is this? Because when you sit on the floor, your muscles tend to support you, ergo, you are making them work without you really realizing it. Also, you make your muscles work harder once you attempt to stand up after.

5. Stop with the multi-tasking

When you’re at the grocery, why don’t you try carrying one bag at a time, that way you can sneak in more steps and more opportunities for you to burn off those calories. Something that might take you normally 2 minutes to do has now become a 10-minute
activity; you consumed more time, but hey, that’s about 89 calories killed-off. Sounds about a fair trade, yeah?

6. Start chewing on this.

Pop a piece of gum at around 3pm and you’re guaranteed to ward off the snack cravings that’s about to hit at the time. In a study conducted at the University of Rhode Island, gum chewers burned 5-8 % more calories than those who did not chew gum. Added bonus: research has concluded that it can also help you consume 68 calories lesser too.

7. Let your alarm nudge you.

Set your phone’s alarm to go off every 30 minutes or so to remind you that you need to get-up and move. When your job gets you stuck in front of a desk and computer, you wouldn’t really notice that others have gone by without you leaving that desk. Calorie crunching won’t happen not unless you start moving.

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8. Give it five minutes more

Whether you’re jogging or trekking the treadmill, go for an extra five minutes before you stop your activity. Doing so can help you burn as much as 100 extra calories.

9. Move to the groove.

Fill your playlist with groovy tunes and unknowingly word harder in terms of exercising. When there’s a beat every time your feet strikes the ground, you’ll unknowingly pick up your pace until it matches the beat which can result in more calories burned while working out. Hip hop comes off as a great workout tune due to its frequent tempo changes that can mess up your body rhythm which can ultimately make
you push harder.

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