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Reasons for You to Try Arracacha Soon

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Arracacha is a root vegetable that is a staple in South American diet. It is widely cultivated in the likes of Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Dominican Republic. These days, arracacha is also grown in many other parts of the planet such as Europe, North America, Australia and Japan.

You will surely give arracacha a second look once you encounter it at your favorite grocery store or farmers’ market for it has the shape of a sweet potato although its skin is white. This root vegetable’s flesh can come in white, yellow and even purple at times. What’s so nice about arracacha is it’s just as versatile as a potato — you can have it boiled or baked, or as an added ingredient to stews, soups and various side dishes.

When it comes to the taste, a lot of people who have already consumed arracacha say that it has a pleasing nutty, kind of sweet flavor. Some even say that it is like the lovechild of celery, cabbage and roasted chestnut due to its unique taste. Once cooked, arracacha is known to give a distinctive odor.

So without further ado, let’s check out some of the reasons why you should consume arracacha:

It Promotes Regularity

Thanks to the loads of fiber in every serving of arracacha, consuming it on a regular basis can help keep constipation from happening. You can think of its fiber content as a broom that sweeps toxins and the by-products of digestion out of the colon. By the way, a diet that’s high in fiber can also ward off hemorrhoids, and may lower colon cancer risk.

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It Improves Digestion

Since it is packed with fiber, arracacha is also very good at optimizing the process of digestion. It’s for the fact that fiber present in this root vegetable encourages the production of more digestive juices and enzymes in the stomach. What’s more, arracacha also helps keep indigestion and excessive gas (flatulence) from striking.

It Wards Off Hunger Pangs

Are you trying to get rid of excess pounds? Then consider adding arracacha into your diet on a regular basis. Because it is so rich in fiber, it’s heavy on the stomach. Such results in effectively keeping at bay those hunger pangs that can easily wreck your weight loss goals. Arracacha is also said to be very low in calories and even more so saturated fat.

It Lowers Inflammation

Nutrition experts say that arracacha is an excellent source of inflammation-fighting compounds, and that’s why it is ideal for anyone who is constantly suffering from painful and swollen joints. A lot of studies have also revealed that the consumption of arracacha can help in lowering gout, a disease that causes joint pain.

It Lifts the Mood

There are a couple of reasons why the inclusion of arracacha in the diet is perfect for people who suffer from mild depression. First, this root vegetable contains good amounts of B vitamins that are known to have a positive impact on the mood. Second, it also has magnesium, a mineral known to have depression-busting properties.

It Helps Prevent Anemia

One type of anemia (yes, there are many of them!) is due to iron deficiency, and it’s something that can be prevented with the regular intake of arracacha. It’s for the fact that it supplies the body with iron, which is a mineral that is so important for the production of oxygen-carrying red blood cells (RBCs).

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