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Foods to Dodge When You’re Stressed

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It can be very easy to wind up stressed in this very busy day and age of ours. Leaving stress unmanaged can have all sorts of unfavorable effects on our overall health, some of which can be very serious. Luckily, carrying out stress-busting activities such as meditating, doing yoga, playing badminton, reading a book or having a massage can help lower stress levels and reduce the impact of stress to our various systems. Also, eating right counts!

Unfortunately, so many of us resort to unhealthy eating when we’re feeling stressed. After all, those comfort foods aren’t called as such for nothing! Stuffing our faces with really sweet and greasy stuff seems like a great antidote for stress.

However, those treats that we usually get our hands on each time we are stressed can actually exacerbate the assortment of negative effects that stress has on our bodies. They may seem to make you feel comforted alright, but deep within they’re actually causing havoc, the effects of which will gradually surface as time passes by.

So no matter how appealing those comfort foods seem, it’s a good idea for you to turn your back on them when you are stressed — or even when you’re not. Here are those that you should dodge at all costs:

Refined Flour Products

Cookies, crackers, pasta, pizza, pastries — all of these are made from refined flour, which is something that is linked to inflammation. The last thing you would want to have within you when you are stressed is inflammation because it can boost the many different unfavorable effects that stress has on your body. What’s more, they also contain gluten, which is a type of protein found in wheat products, and it’s something that can stress out your body further.

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Sugar-Loaded Treats

Nothing can please your taste buds and also your mind more than something that is sweet-tasting when you are stressed. However, the loads of sugar in donuts, cupcakes, milk chocolate and a tall glass of ice-cold soda can cause inflammation to strike, which then amplifies the many unfavorable effects of stress to the various systems. Also, you will only end up feeling more stressed once the levels of sugar in your bloodstream drop.

Caffeinated Beverages

A cup of your favorite java may give you much-needed reassurance on a stressful day, but it’s something that can actually leave you even more stressed especially when you consume several servings of it. If you mistakenly have it just before you call it a day, it’s not unlikely for you to stay wide awake throughout the night — it can be hard to face another stressful day without getting a good night’s sleep! To be safe, limit your coffee intake to two cups only.

Alcoholic Drinks

While it may seem like drinking once you’re out of the office is a wonderful idea to start the unwinding process, the truth is this can keep you from having the relaxation you deserve. Alcohol floods your system with toxins, and your body is going to have a hard time flushing them out since it’s already tired and weary. Besides, alcohol before bedtime can give you unrefreshing sleep, thus leaving you still feeling exhausted in the morning.

Processed Goodies

It can be extremely challenging to whip up a healthy meal after a very long and busy day at work. And that’s why many of us simply reach for ready-to-eat food products — it helps save lots of precious time and energy! However, these goodies are loaded with preservatives, artificial ingredients and so many other chemicals, but devoid of nutrients and minerals that your body needs to be able to manage stress effectively.

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