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Have Fabulous Looking Nails Without Polish

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We all know how great your nails will look with a nail polish. But, you have to rest your nails in between the polish right?

You can actually have great and fabulous nails without the nail polish. Let’s find out how.

1. Eat a well-balanced diet.

For strong and healthy nails, eat a well-balanced diet. Doctors suggest eating protein-rich foods. This is because nails are made of protein, so its important to add this into your diet.

Go for fish, pork, beef, lean poultry, spinach and other protein-rich vegetables. Also dirnk lots of water to keep your cuticles and nails hydrated.

2. Protect your nails.

Always protect your nails, especially during the winter and cold season. Wear mittens or gloves during cold season to prevent your nails from becoming brittle and dry. This will also help prevent hangnails that can happen due to cracking and dry skin around the nails.

3. Avoid overusing the hand sanitizer.

Too much application of alcohol-based hand sanitizer can cause dry nails and hands. Don’t overuse it because it can really dry out the hands and nails. Just wash your hands with soap and then try to apply lotion after, to replenish and moisture your hands.

4. Keep clippers on hand.

If you end up with hangnails, remember to clip them before they can cause any problems. Avoid at all cost to pull or peel your hangnails, as this will cause your skin to tear and bleed.

5. Oil up

Keep your nails beds and the surrounding skin around your nails healthy and moisturized, by using cuticle oil. This will help keep your nails flexible to avoid breakage.

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6. Mind your nail shape.

During the cold season, avoid pointy nails as much as possible. Nails tend to break more easily during this time because of the dry weather. Opt for a rounder nail shape to eliminate the risk of square corners breaking.

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