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Breast Upsized the Natural Way

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There are a lot of ways women can find to increase their breast size. The first thing people usually think about when breast enhancement is brought up is ‘surgery’, but there are a whole lot of other, more natural ways to enhance a woman’s assets apart from going under the knife.

  •  Exercise

– There are a few exercises that can help shape up a woman’s breast if done right. Technically, this won’t enlarge the breast, but it will definitely enhance it. Drooping and sagging are some of the bigger problems for women and their breasts, so regular chest exercises such as pushups, stretches and chest presses should strengthen the pectoral muscles and help firm up the breasts.

– A good breast massage can also help with stimulating growth and even bettering a woman’s health, since massaging the breast areas helps circulation in the blood and tissue.

  • Diet

 One of the most natural ways to successful enlargement is in the diet. The hormones in a woman’s body are usually the deciding factors of her breast size, the main one being estrogen. Some foods have the nutrients that stimulate estrogen production to control breast sizing. Mostly, estrogen-rich foods are meant for those women with hormonal imbalance whose bodies need more estrogen, and are not recommended for women who are susceptible to breast cancer. Some of these foods include:

– Soy Products

– Dairy Products

– Seeds (Flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, anise seeds, etc)

– Spices and Herbs (Fennel, Fenugreek, Cloves, Saw Palmetto, etc)- Whole Grains (Barley, Oats, etc)

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– Beans and Peas (Chickpeas, Lima Beans, Kidney Beans, Lentils, etc)

– Certain Fruits and Vegetables (sweet potatoes, garlic, pomegranates, apples, carrots, papaya, etc)

o Adding fats to the diet can also increase breast size since breasts are mostly made up of fatty tissue, although it’s not easy to control where the fats will go.

  • Other Options

– Bras can be used for the illusion and the visual enhancement of breasts. The use of push-up bras and padded bras is a widely used temporary solution for women who want to change their breast features aesthetically, in look, but not biologically, in body.

– Breast suction pumps are the machine alternative, and are deemed natural simply because isn’t invasive and doesn’t chemically alter a woman’s body. While results can be seen in about three months or so, the pumps require regular use and can be inconvenient.

There are no reported medical side effects, though it isn’t a favorable option since it’s said to be uncomfortable and can cause stretch marks. There are many ways a woman can naturally enhance her breasts, and results may vary from person to person. In any case, natural breast enhancement methods, though slower than surgery, are widely considered safer and less expensive, which is why women go for these solutions more often.
All in all, it comes down to biology, and the way a woman eats, moves and the balance of her hormones will affect the size of her breasts, and simply knowing the right combination of these methods will give a woman the results she wants.

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