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Natural and Safe Testosterone Booster and Enhancement Ingredients –What Works from Those That Do Not

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As you begin your search for testosterone supplements, you will encounter plenty of different ingredients that manufacturers all claim to be effective in boosting and enhancing the levels of this particular hormone. However, it is important that you do not immediately trust these claims, as some of these ingredients are not as effective as what manufacturing companies claim.

Before you invest your money on purchasing testosterone boosters and enhancers, you should firs take the time to understand the importance of the ingredients that they contain. The effectiveness and efficiency of testosterone supplements actually depend on the combination and formula they use. If you are able to find the perfect blend of ingredients, you will be able to obtain the results you want, which is a significant increase in your body’s testosterone levels.

In this article, you will find out more about the most common types of ingredients used in testosterone boosters and enhancers. They have also been categorized depending on their effectiveness. Make sure that you compare the ingredients listed on the supplements you are interested in buying with those that you will find in this list.

Ingredients that have Shown Very Positive and Valuable Results

  •  D-Aspartic Acid – D-Aspartic has shown very positive results when tested for its effectiveness in increasing a man’s testosterone levels. It directly promotes the production of this particular type of hormone.
  •  Zinc – Zinc is one of the most crucial elements in ensuring the success of optimum muscle growth. This element helps increase the body’s production of dopamine, which is extremely necessary when performing high stress activities such as rigorous fitness programs and intensive workouts. In addition, it helps in maintaining optimum prostate health while also keeping the brain focused and sharp.
  •  Vitamin D – A number of scientific studies have shown that Vitamin D is a very effective type of nutrient that helps increase the production of testosterone, particularly in men. This is mainly because of the fact that this is a type of hormone as well. The main reason why it is crucial for you to take supplements containing this vitamin is because most food resources only have limited quantities of Vitamin D. This is especially true if you want your body to produce more testosterone.
  • Magnesium – Magnesium is a mineral that relaxes the muscles. This is essential especially in cases of body building and muscle toning. When the body is supplemented with this together with calcium, the negative impact brought about by rigorous workouts and fitness regimens, such as soreness, fatigue, cramps, and tension can be reduced or even prevented.
  • Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 has long since been known to be very important in the process of producing testosterone. As it increases hormone, the creation of estrogen is suppressed.
  • Ginseng – Ginseng has been proven to support maximum energy levels. When you use supplements that contain this, you can help your body produce higher levels of testosterone.
  • Fenugreek– Fenugreek is a valuable ingredient in testosterone boosters and enhancers. Aside from increasing libido, it also has other health benefits. One great example of a supplement that contains fenugreek extract is TestoXL.
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Ingredients that have Shown Postive/Average Results

  • Maca – Maca is a vegetable grown in Peru, which is related to the broccoli family. It has been used for a long time now as a form of aphrodisiac.
  • Horny Goat Weed – While this has been used in a number of cultures to help treat erectile dysfunction, there are no studies that support claims stating that it helps increase the production of testosterone.
  • Basella Alba – Studies that have been conducted in lab rats have shown that this herb has the ability to boost the levels of testosterone.
  • King Oysters – King Oysters are actually a type of mushroom that has bioactive molecule content. These molecules are important in the body’s production of certain hormones.

Ingredients that have Shown Potentially Positive Results

  •  Anacylus Pyrethrum – This has also been used in certain cultures as a form of aphrodisiac. While tests show that it has potentially positive effects in increasing testosterone levels in mice, human testing has not been conducted yet.
  • Bryonia Laciniosa – This is a type of herb that used for many years as a cure for fertility. A lot of people have also taken it for its aphrodisiac properties.
  • Boron – Boron is a type of mineral that has shown potential in helping the body create more testosterone, specifically in men. One of the clinically tested testosterone booster that contains this ingredient is Testostrone.

Ingredients that Do Not Have Any Effect on Testosterone Production

  • Holy Basil – While this has shown to be a libido enhancer, it does not really have any effect on the body’s testosterone production process. However, it has the potential of producing necessary nutrients that may help those suffering from infertility problems.
  • Saw Palmetto – Saw Palmetto is a fatty acid that has shown effectiveness in suppressing the growth of prostate. However, it has not been proven to affect testosterone levels.
  • Paederia Foetida – It was originally used as a way to enhance vitality in men. However, further studies have not been conducted on it since it was considered to be relatively inessential for testosterone production.
  • Velvet Antler – The use of velvet antler originated from the medical practices of the Chinese people. However, there is a lack of study to support claims about it being effective in the production of human hormones.
  • Butea Superba – Many testosterone supplement manufacturers claim that this ingredient is very effective in boosting the levels of testosterone in a man’s body. However, there has been no research conducted yet that will help back up these claims.
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Now that you know more about the most common ingredients you will find in testosterone boosters and enhancers, you will now have an easier time making the right selection. Keep in mind that the ones mentioned above are just the most common ingredients, so you will still find a number of testosterone supplements that contain others that are not included in the list. The key to being able to invest on the best supplements is to read honest consumer reviews and to also do your homework in researching the effectiveness of these ingredients.

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