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Talking in Your Sleep? Here’s What You Need to Know About It

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It’s not uncommon for kids to talk in their sleep. Did you know that adults can also be sleep talkers? Do don’t be surprised if one day someone confesses to you to that you tend to blab while taking a trip to dreamland.

Keep on reading this article if you just found that you are in fact talking in your sleep — below you will come across some of the most important matters you need to learn about it.

Feel free to repost this later on so that everyone you care about may get more acquainted with sleep talking, too.

Regarded as a Sleep Disorder

Let’s get one thing straight: sleep talking is in fact a form of sleep disorder. Experts refer to it as somniloquy. It is actually more common than you think — it’s true that it is usually seen in kids but adults like you may also suffer from it, too.

Despite of being a sleep disorder, talking in your sleep is nothing serious. This only means that it won’t put your life in grave danger, unless it is a symptom of a more serious medical condition.

It’s important to note, however, that in some instances it needs to be dealt with accordingly. That’s because at times it may keep you from attaining a restorative kind of sleep, and also it can keep the person you are sharing the bed or room with from getting much-needed sleep.

No One Knows Why or When It Happens

Despite of being very common, to date sleep experts do not know much about sleep talking. So in other words, they have no sufficient information about the reason why it takes place or what actually goes on inside the brain of a sleep talker while he or she is sleep talking.

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However, scientists do know that sleep talking can in fact occur at just about any stage of sleep.

So if you think that talking in one’s sleep only takes place while dreaming, think again — although you may sleep talk while you are dreaming, it’s very much possible for you to do the same even with the absence of dreams.

All Kinds of Words May be Uttered

For most people, hearing someone sleep talk can be a very funny experience. That’s because all kinds of sounds may be produced, including most especially those that do not mean anything at all.

It is also possible, however, for a sleep talker to utter words and even sentences that are meaningful while he or she is dead to the world. Sometimes it may startle the listener as the sleep talker may utter or even scream vulgar of offensive words.

And by the way, a sleep talker like you won’t be able to remember anything that’s been said while sleep talking.

There are Risk Factors

Just about anyone can suffer from sleep talking, kids and adults alike. However, there are certain things that may increase your chance of talking in your sleep. Some of them include being ill, having a fever, drinking alcohol, being stressed and lacking in sleep.

As earlier stated, sleep talking is a form of sleep disorder. However, there are certain sleep disorders that can cause sleep talking to strike, such as night terrors, sleep walking and sleep apnea.

Getting It Treated is Not Really Necessary

Due to the fact that sleep talking is generally harmless, it doesn’t really require treatment. Besides, to date there is no known treatment for it.

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However, in some instances it has to be managed especially if it’s already wreaking havoc on your life or that of the person whom you share the bed or room with. For instance, the use of a white noise machine or refraining from taking alcohol at bedtime may be recommended.

If the problem is brought about by a more serious underlying condition, then it is definitely a good idea to have the root cause dealt with. For instance, mental health authorities say that sleep talking can sometimes be due to clinical depression or anxiety disorder.


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