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17 Life-Changing Ways to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

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Are you always worrying that your manicure will not last longer? Do you know how to fix your nails when it grows after your manicure?

Try the tips below to make your manicure last longer. Keep your nails and manicure fabulous!

1. Scrub

Use an old toothbrush or a nail brush to remove the dirt on your nails before applying manicure. You can also use a cotton swab and vinegar before applying base-coat.

2. Skip the Soak

Always remember to skip the soaking of your nails before painting them. Manicurist often do this to soften the cuticles but this is an unnecessary step. Soaking shrinks your nails once painted so it is better to use cuticle oil instead.

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3. Dehydrate Nails

Before applying nail polish make sure that there is no residue. Make sure to wipe your nails with an acetone using lint-free cotton pads.

4. Base-coat

Using a sticky base-coat makes the manicure last longer. A base-coat adheres better than a nail lacquer.

5. Air Dryer

Use an air dryer to ensure that you don’t leave the salon with wet nails. But don’t use the ultraviolet lamps at your salon as this causes your nails to chip faster.

6. Two Base-coat

Add a second layer of base-coat at the top half of your nails for resilience and to prevent faster chipping.

7. Nail Shape

Cut your nails into a shape that is similar to your cuticles. This will lessen the likelihood of breakage.

8. Cuticles

Remember to avoid getting any polish on your cuticles as this can lead to chipping. Also don’t cut your cuticles, but instead push them back by using cuticle oil and an orange stick or a pusher tool to prevent paint from getting on them.

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9. Nail Polish

Don’t shake your nail polish to prevent bubbles by shaking it up and down. Instead roll it between your hands to prevent air bubbles.

10. Edge of Nails

Remember to apply base-coat, nail polish and topcoat along the edge of your nails.

11. Topcoat

Your nail polish will start to chip but as soon as this happens you should file your tips and polish them with another layer of topcoat.

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12. Protect Your Nails

Always remember to wear gloves if you’re washing the dishes to protect your manicure.
Submerging your nails in hot water and cleaning chemicals can ruin your manicure.

13. Chipped Nails

The simple solution when you chipped your nails is to add a French tip and remember to make it super thin.

14. Smudge Nail

Smudge your nails? Just smooth polish ridge with a cotton swap and dip in polish remover.
If you just paint it over without smoothing it out first you will get a bumpy nail manicure.

15. Nail Oil

Make sure to use nail oil everyday to prevent chipping of nails. Less moisture on nails make them prone to breakage and tearing.

16. Sanitizer Products

Use mild soap instead of hand sanitizer which can cause your nails to dry out.

17. Topcoat

Topcoat application is a must if you want to prevent your nails from chipping. Make sure to reapply a clear topcoat every 2 or 3 days.

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