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Common Blow Drying Mistakes

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Do you know that feeling you get after you leave a hair salon with perfectly blown out hair? The feeling that you want to do hair flips every few seconds and strut the street like it’s a runway. If you’ve never felt that way after getting a professional blown out, then you are going to the wrong salon. Well, not all of us have the liberty to go to a blowout bar every day to get this treatment. We have to settle for doing it at home with our own products and blow drier. Getting those perfectly voluminous bouncy hair at home seems unrealistic. We either get our normal hair or a complete and utter mess. There are so many things we can do wrong when blow drying our hair. One mistake can give us frizzy and dry tresses. So, why even bother blow drying our hair if it’s so difficult to achieve? Well, for one, it’s the fastest way to dry hair and second it is a great way to style hair if done right. It’s not as hard as it seems. The biggest problems we have when blow drying is that we make the same common mistakes every time without even noticing it. We are here to help. We’ve rounded up the most common blow drying mistakes and gathered some tips on how to fix them. Read on to find out more.

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Sectioning Your Hair

This is a frequent mistake we make when we blow dry our hair at home. We either take a section that is too thin, too thick or not even sectioning at all. This may seem like a big waste of time, but it is surely worth it. Organizing your hair and getting a section that is not thicker than an inch and thinner than a one fourth section is enough. This amount of section is perfect for drying, every strand evenly. This will help give your hair that even shine and bounce. We recommend using clips to section the hair in the beginning and just unravel them along the way. This will cut down a lot of your time. Sectioning your hair away from wet hair will give you the result you want.

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Not Using the Right Brush

To get the desired results, you will need the right tools for the job. Different brushes will give you different results. Round brushes are great for giving your hair that natural flip and volume. Paddle brushes can give your hair that silky straight look. Metal base round brushes are great for creating curls and quick drying. Normal brushes are great for giving you that natural straight hair. However, not all brushes can be used for blow drying. Some brushes cannot withstand the heat of the blow dry and will melt. When picking out a brush for your blow drying need opt for a good brand. The investment is totally worth it. Not Using the Right Nozzle Blow dryers usually come with two or more types of nozzles. Ones can be thin, thick, for curls and so on. These nozzles are included in the package to help you style your hair. Blow drying your hair without them is only acceptable if you simply want to blow dry your hair without sectioning. Though, if your target is to style your hair; then you definitely need to use them. The nozzles were created to make the airflow more centered on a certain area. This will give your hair that smoother and sleeker appearance. Diffuser nozzles are there to give natural curls better volume without making it frizzy and dry.

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Holding The Blow Dryer Wrong

You’ve seen your favorite stylist use their blower a certain way or direction and you decided to follow their actions. However, when you finish the styling you don’t get the same result. Why is that? Well, there is a big difference when you blow dry your hair and when other people do it. Your body movement is limited unlike them. Moving the blow dryer wrong can have a huge difference. Use the blow dry in the normal parallel position of your section to give you volume in the roots and angle it to how you want the hair to flow. Avoid targeting one area of your hair and continue moving when simply drying hair. Concentrating the blower in a certain area can make it appear flat and limp.

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Blow drying is one of those things we do often that is a hit and miss. We sometimes get that gorgeously bouncy and shinier hair. While most of the time we get blasted dry root hair. Let’s face it, the gamble is just not worth it. Learn the right tips and tricks to blow dry your hair, and get that perfect Victoria secret bouncy curls every time. Avoid these common at home blow drying mistakes and get the look you want. So, how many of these common mistakes do you make? Share with us your worst blow drying experience.

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