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Know the Amazing Benefits of a Beauty Sleep

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The next time you want to pull an all-nighter think about the effects of inadequate sleep not just to your body but skin as well. Feel more beautiful and get enough snooze everyday. Read below to find out the amazing benefits of a good night’s sleep.

1. Fewer Breakouts

Adequate sleep results to a clearer skin. Lack of sleep makes us prone to blackheads, acne and pimples. Experts say that more breakouts happen when we are stressed out as a result of lack of sleep.

2. You Look More Attractive

Researchers concluded that in a study of sleep-deprived people compared to individuals who slept for 8 hours, the people who get enough sleep looked less tired, much healthier and more attractive.

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3. Repairs Skin

Your skin uses sleep as the time to repair itself from the day’s damage. When you closed your eyes and drift into sleep your skin gets the chance to repair and improve. So in the morning you are refreshed.

4. Even Skin Tone

Not getting enough sleep or sleeping late can make your skin blotchy and pale. This is because sleep helps healthy blood flow to your skin. So sleep at least 6-8 hours daily for that even skin tone.

5. Brighter Eyes

Dark circles are the result of lack of sleep. If you are not getting enough shut-eye the dark circles even become darker.

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