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Top Things that Can Ruin Your Teeth

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Your smile is one of your most beautiful assets; ofcourse, you’d want to keep your pearly whites bright and sparkling. But the thing is, even if you brush your teeth often, use whitening strips, and pay a visit to your dentist twice a year, sometimes those things are not enough. Below are some of the top factors that can create some serious havoc on your teeth and gums and ruin your smile.

1.Sports drinks

The popularity of sports drinks have soared starting in the last decade, unfortunately though, these tasty thirst quenchers can be bad for your teeth. A lot of scientific research has proven that the pH levels in sports drinks might lead to tooth enamel erosion due to its acidic contents. Sports drinks are also high in sugar which serves as “food” for bacteria which can then lodge itself into the cracks and crevices of your teeth causing tooth decay and cavities.

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2. Bottled water

Tap water contains fluoride and about 60% of the people residing in the United States have fluoride on their water supply. However, most of these purchased bottled water contain less fluoride than what is recommended to sustain good oral health. Fluoride makes the teeth more decay resistant and promotes re-mineralization which can aid in repairing decay in its early stages before the damage becomes apparent. Studies have shown that the most effective fluoride source is from tap water fluoridation.

3. Diabetes

Diabetes reduces the body’s immune system, making it more susceptible to infections including gum diseases. Brushing your teeth frequently, flossing and monitoring your blood sugar can help guard yourself against gum disease. It is said that diabetes is directly linked to periodontal disease, therefore making regular trips to your dentist and having your cholesterol levels checked on a constant basis is crucial. Research has also shown that people with diabetes can lessen the amount of insulin they need
to take by maintaining good gums.

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4. Smoking

Smoking can create yellow stains on your teeth which are only not very pretty; it can also be very damaging. Tobacco smoking can harm a person in a variety of ways. It can damage the teeth, gums, lungs, throat, and can lead to a number of health problems including cancer. Tobacco tar can form a sticky film on one’s teeth which can in turn harbour bacteria that can promote the production of acids and other irritating toxins which can cause the inflammation of gums, tooth decay and teeth loss.

5. Wine

Consumption of wine on a regular basis can damage the tooth’s enamel. The acidity of the wine can dissolve the structure of the tooth, and both white and red wine can promote undesirable tooth staining. However, this does not mean that you should totally give up your love for your wines. They say that the erosion of tooth enamel starts when drinkers swish their wines which keep it in constant contact with the enamel. So instead, sip your wine in small amounts and make sure to rinse your mouth with water once you are done drinking.

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6. Pregnancy

If you are expecting a baby, it’s particularly important to mind your overall oral health as studies have shown that there’s a certain link between gum diseases left untreated to pre-term babies and those born with very low birth weights. The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, especially that of estrogen and progesterone can cause gingivitis and can put you at risk for more infections. So if you’re experiencing morning sickness, don’t forget to cleanse your mouth with water or rub a bit of baking
soda to your teeth to neutralize the acids produced by vomiting, since this can lead to cases of tooth decay.

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7. Diet Pills

Even though going on diet pills may seem the best and fastest way to trim down your body, it can also be one of the causes to you having gum diseases and tooth decay. Just like a lot of OTC medications, use of diet pills can decrease the flow of saliva which
can leave your mouth dry making you more prone to lots of discomforts, cavities and other gum diseases.

8. Teeth Grinding

Bruxism a.k.a. teeth grinding can cause pain, affect your jaws and even alter the appearance of your face in the long run. People who have otherwise healthy teeth and gums often clench so hard that over time, they are unknowingly wear their tooth enamel away which causes sensitivity and chipping. Stress can intensify night-time teeth grinding, ergo, finding ways to deal with stress can help but it’s also an important thing to visit your dentist for possible solutions to this problem.

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