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Get Acquainted With the Many Benefits of Sorghum

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Do you buy and use gluten-free flour? Well then you have to be thankful for sorghum for it’s the grain that is commonly used for the manufacturing of that particular type of flour that you get your hands on. Actually, you may also purchase sorghum itself and use it for various cooking needs. Below you will learn about the health benefits it offers!

But before we take a look at those perks, let’s first get ourselves acquainted with sorghum.

Actually, sorghum is a member of the grass family of plants. It used to be native to Africa and certain parts of Australia, but now it is grown in so many parts of the planet, including the United States, because it is undeniably one of the healthiest grains out there. For one, it is completely free of gluten, making it ideal for individuals who are sensitive or allergic to gluten — again, sorghum is commonly used these days for manufacturing gluten-free flour.

But it’s not just being free of gluten why sorghum is loved by many nutritionists and health-conscious individuals across the globe. Here are some of the other perks that are offered by sorghum:

Improved Digestion

No matter how nutritious the foods you eat, it amounts to nothing if your digestion is poor — your body is unable to unlock the vitamins and minerals in what you eat. The inclusion of sorghum in your diet is a wonderful idea because it’s rich in fiber that encourages the production of digestive juices and enzymes.

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Prevented Constipation

Fiber in sorghum is important for creating bulk, which then facilitates the removal of toxins and digestive by-products in the gut. So in other words, regularly consuming sorghum helps promote regular movement of the bowels.

Inhibited Hemorrhoids

Experts say that a diet that’s high in fiber-rich foods such as sorghum is essential for the prevention of hemorrhoids or keeping them from worsening, again due to the ability of fiber to ward off constipation. They add that the regular intake of sorghum and others that are packed with fiber may also lower colon cancer risk.

Lowered Heart Disease Risk

It’s not just colon cancer risk that sorghum may reduce, but also heart disease. One of the reasons why is because the fiber content of sorghum helps take bad cholesterol out of the body. Then there is also potassium present in every serving of sorghum, which is a mineral that helps lower the blood pressure.

Controlled Diabetes

Sorghum is also beneficial for diabetics and pre-diabetics because its rich fiber content helps in regulating the amount of sugar released into the bloodstream, thus keeping spikes in blood glucose levels at bay.

Strengthened Bones

Regularly consuming sorghum is also a great idea if you want to considerably lower your risk of osteoporosis. That’s because this particular type of grain contains two bone-strengthening minerals — calcium and magnesium. Calcium makes the bones really tough, and magnesium helps the body absorb calcium so much more efficiently.

Eased Joint Pain

Consider adding sorghum to your diet on a regular basis if you often suffer from painful joints. It’s for the fact that it is rich in compounds that control inflammation within the body, thus helping to reduce joint achiness and swelling. So many other problems can be prevented by dealing with inflammation like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

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As you can see, there are so many health benefits that sorghum brings other than being devoid of gluten.

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