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Surprising Ways the Summer Heat is Ruining Your Skin

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You’ve been excited for the summer all winter! Now you can have some fun in the sun with your friends and family. The summer is the season of short shorts, bikinis and tank tops. These clothes prevent our skin from excessive perspiration, but it also leaves more of it exposed to the summer heat. Summer time can cause mild to severe damage to your skin, even with proper caution. Below are some surprising ways the summer heat can ruin your skin and ways to prevent, reverse and treat them.


This isn’t really a big surprise but this is one of the most common skin problems during the summer. One of the biggest mistakes we make during the summer is not applying sunscreen. We only think of sunscreen when we are about to go to the beach or swim in the pool. However, the sun doesn’t care where you go and what you do. The sun can penetrate your skin as long as you are under it. Sunburn can really hurt, itch and burn. It’s something really hard to have especially in specific areas such as the back and face. Eventually the sun damage skin will peel off, but this may take a while. You can prevent this by wearing sunscreen before you leave the house, no matter where you plan to go. You can treat sunburn by taking an aspirin as soon as you see the signs. Drinking it early will help reduce the pain, swelling and redness. You need to drink a lot of water to moisturize your skin. Aloe Vera can do wonders for sunburn, apply it religiously.

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Broken Blood Vessels

Continual sun exposure can cause blood vessels to rise to the surface of the skin and burst. Everyone is prone to this no matter what your age or gender is. You can prevent this by applying niacin, as soon as you see prominent blood vessels. Niacin will help strengthen the walls of the blood vessel and constrict it. Apply sunscreen, especially on the face to prevent broken blood vessels. You can cover up it up with concealer but the only way to completely remove it is through laser treatment.


You may not have a complete acne breakout but you will notice pimples popping during the summer. This is due to the heat. It triggers excessive production of sweat then mixed with bacteria and dirt on the face. Sunscreen can also cause zit breakouts. Wearing the wrong formula for your skin type can clog the pores and cause acne. Sunscreen that are gel based and non-comedogenic are best during summer. If you are prone to acne on the back or body, anti-acne body spray is available in your local drug stores.


Freckles are great and may even look adorable. However, if you start noticing that freckles start showing up one after another, then it’s time to start taking action. Freckles are products of sun damage. Those tiny little brown pigments on your skin means you are causing damage to your skin. Melasma is larger brown patches that can appear on your chin, forehead, cheeks and lips and is a result of too much sun exposure or a side effect of birth control. Wearing sunscreen religiously every few hours will prevent further damage. You can lessen the appearance of these brown patches by applying a vitamin C based product on your skin daily.

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Heat Rash

Heat rash is incredibly common during the summer. There are two types of heat rash, one that appears like clear blisters and looks like small beads of sweat; and one that is often called “red heat rash” that appears itchy and inflamed. Clear heat rash doesn’t hurt, it appears on the skin when you are exposed to the sun and perspire a lot. Red heat rash gives a burning and stinging sensation that makes movement hard. This type of rash is prone to skin surfaces that are prone to friction and humidity such as the groin area, thigh and underarm. You can remove clear heat rash by exfoliating daily. You can cure a red heat rash by washing daily and applying moisturizer with hydrocortisone. You can prevent both of them by avoiding excessive heat exposure and keeping the body cool.

With all the information above, you are now more prepared to face the summer heat. Make the most of your summer. Swim, surf, and go on a picnic but don’t forget to keep your skin safe.

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