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Surprising Hair and Makeup Tricks from Professional

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We all thrive to appear more beautiful. We apply makeup on our face and fix our hair every time we go out. However, makeup and hairstyling is not as easy as some celebrities make it seem.

These famous celebrities are often snapped shot at different times of the day and still look like porcelain figures of perfection. We all thrive to achieve this look. However, what celebrities forget to inform us is that makeup products they say they use or the clothes they wear are all planned by professionals. When you see your favorite celebrities out and about, they are wearing clothes, makeup and hair that have been specifically created to cater to them. We, on the other hand, are not so lucky. As much as we want to have a professional hair and makeup up team on our beck and call, we can’t. Most of us have a few minutes in the morning to fix our hair and makeup before going about our daily life.

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The next best thing to having an expert fix us is knowing their well-kept secrets.


If you’re having a hard time applying makeup, an ice cube can do wonders for your skin. After washing your face in the morning, rub a piece of ice over your face. This would firm up the skin and make makeup application easier. This will also help give you a smoother appearance. This is especially helpful with eye makeup. You can also rinse your face with ice water instead of rubbing ice. Think of this tip as a quick Botox.

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The color and how you apply your blush can make a difference. Blush will add color to your face and help define your cheekbones. Different shades of blush can change your whole look. Darker shades of blush can darken the skin and define the cheeks. Lighter shades will make the face appear brighter and younger. Applying the blush on the apples of the cheek can brighten the face and applying it on the cheek bone can slim the face.

Tight Lining

Tight lining your eyes is important to create any look. It can add definition to the eyes without applying too much. It is important to tight line your eyes when creating a smoky eye look. You can apply different shades of eye pencil to change your look. Brown eye pencil looks more natural and white eye pencil will make the eyes look brighter.

Eye Liner

One of the hardest parts of applying makeup is making your eyeliner even. There are dozens of tricks to make eyeliner application easier. From using spoons to tape, all of these tips are great. The best suggestion from professionals is to use the “connect the dots trick”. Place tiny dots on your eyes to how you want your eyeliner to be and connect the dots. Doing this everyday will train your hands to the motion of applying a straight line, making application way easier in the future.

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Lipstick will never look good on dry and chapped lips. Exfoliate your lips every other day. Removing the dead skin on your lips will make lipstick smoother and last longer.

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The Right Product

No matter how good you are at applying makeup, if you have all the wrong products then it’s useless. Pick products that are right for your skin type and skin tone. The best way to know if the product works for you is to try them out. Make the most of the samples in makeup stores when purchasing products.

Even Application

Start applying foundation in the middle of your face. The areas that usually need the most coverage is the cheek and eye area. By starting your foundation application on the middle of your face towards your jaw line and neck, you will be covering up the problem areas while creating a gradient. This will make it appear more natural and prevent cake face.

Every girl has that hair and makeup trick that they’ve managed to pick up somewhere and use every day from makeup tips to hide bruises to waking up with perfect hair. We hope that these tips from hair and makeup professionals help you achieve your most beautiful appearance.

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