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Amazing Skin Care Hacks and Tips to Try

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When it comes to our skin, many of us have this love-hate relationship with it. There are times when you and your skin understand one another perfectly, and then the next day, you see an offending bump on your face. It might be that you are already noticing signs of premature aging that wasn’t there yesterday. Regardless of what it is that you love or hate about your skin, we still need to find the right steps to take to care for our skin. Yes, there are quite a lot of tips and tricks out there so if you want to try something new, these skin care hacks and tips might be just what you need.

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Make your pimples disappear

Acne breakouts can happen all of a sudden and if you’ve been paying attention to your skin, you’ve probably noticed that they tend to occur a few days before a big event. With that being said, when you’re dealing with under-the-skin type of acne, you need to bring it out first. After you have popped the pimple, simply boil some water and steep a tea bag in it for a few minutes. Remove the teabag and let it cool before placing on the affected area. Press gently so that the healing properties of the teabag can do its work.

Eye creams and serums protect against collagen damage

One thing that we often miss when it comes to skin care is the delicate skin around the eyes which are prone to wrinkles and lines due to collagen damage. The best thing to keep signs of aging at bay particularly in this area is to use eye creams and serums that are specially formulated to protect your collagen against damage. Applying them regularly can help keep them firm and smooth in the long run.

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Yogurt for sunburn

We all have suffered from sunburns especially during the summer because we just want to have a tan. Unfortunately, the discomfort that sunburn can bring can drive us nuts especially when the affected area rubs against the clothing that we are wearing. One way to alleviate this problem is for you to apply some yogurt on the affected areas and leave it on for 10 minutes. The yogurt will help bring back the natural barrier on your skin. Aloe vera can be used as an alternative too. Simply scoop the gel from the leaf of the plant and apply it on your sunburnt skin and leave it on to dry.

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Do a detox

Our body tends to absorb plenty of toxins from the air, the food that we eat, and the products that we apply on our skin that they can start to affect our skin by making it look dull and prone to breakouts. With that being said, it is always a good idea to do a detox from time to time to help flush out all the harmful free radicals that are wreaking havoc inside of us. You can start your detox by mixing warm lemon water and drinking it first thing in the morning or by cutting off sugar, fats, and even processed foods from your diet for a week. This will help eliminate any toxins and can make your skin glow naturally.

Get rid of blackheads

Another skin care hack that you might find useful especially when dealing with blackheads is to use lemon. Simply cut the fruit in half, sprinkle the insides with some sugar, and apply it on your face every night. You will see that the blackheads will disappear in no time.

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