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Makeup Ideas for the Busy Moms

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Moms often have a hectic schedule what with preparing for breakfast for the family, making sure the kids are washed and ready for school, and tons of chores to go through, that they don’t really even pay much attention to how they look. Super moms are always busy but letting your appearance slide won’t do much for your self-confidence. Just because you are pressed for time, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look good at all.

Here are some makeup ideas that you can aim for in spite of your busy schedule.

Change your approach to makeup. Moms tend to see makeup as a tedious task to do especially when they have so many tasks lined up for the day but if you look at your collection of makeup on your dresser table and see them simply as tools to enhance your beauty, then this shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do before you leave the house. You don’t have to look like a fashion model or such because you can still look amazing even with minimal makeup.

Add some blush. Adding blush to your cheeks can make you look in the pink of health, not to mention looking absolutely stunning even when you’re not wearing eye liner or eye shadow. Apply some on the apples of your cheeks and a little bit on your forehead and chin to add some color.

Use a different foundation. When it comes to looking good in photos, you’ll probably want to go all the way with your foundation but if you’re running out of time or you don’t want to subject your skin to layers and layers of makeup, apply some moisturizer on your face then use powder while your skin is still damp. Choose a multi-tonal face powder or a face powder made from bare minerals for even application.

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Keep it simple. Simplicity is the key when you’re a busy mom which is why it would help a lot if you choose only three or four items in your makeup collection to create the look that you want. It can be foundation, lipstick, mascara and gloss or whatever it is that will make you look your best. Applying light makeup will make you appear fresh in no time and the best part is that you won’t be hassled in applying it.

Don’t forget your moisturizer. Never ever forget to apply moisturizer because it can help keep your skin soft and moist. A dull looking skin can make you look older plus you will look a bit grey, with signs of aging more prominent. By applying moisturizer before you put on your makeup, you will keep your skin nourished and plump to minimize lines and wrinkles too.

Apply sunscreen. Another trick that you should keep in mind is to apply sunscreen whenever you go out as it will give your skin ample protection against sun damage. Apply it at least 30 minutes before heading out and before you apply your makeup to get the most out of your sun protection.

Finish your look with powder. Professional makeup artists often put emphasis on letting your makeup set so that it will last longer. After you applied your makeup, do a light dusting of powder to speed up the setting process.

These are just a few makeup ideas that will work perfectly with busy moms today. Remember that you don’t have to spend hours applying makeup because these simple tricks can be done in just a few minutes. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to maintain your appearance without going heavy on your makeup usage.

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