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Banish Scars Naturally

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Most of us have scars on our body that we prefer not to see on a daily basis. These scars might be because of an accident or injury, left behind by acne, or perhaps other illness like chicken pox and the like. Although these scars can fade over the years, you can still see some scars on the surface of the skin. Some are just so obvious that many are looking for ways to make them fade completely. With that being said, if you want to lighten their appearance or make them disappear, you might want to try these natural remedies first.

Cucumber. If you are riddled with acne scars, one of the best approaches to banishing the marks on your skin is to use cucumber. You can use it as a facial treatment by preparing a tablespoon of cucumber juice, 5 drops of tea tree essential oil, 2 tablespoon of full fat milk powder, ½ tablespoon of aloe vera gel, and 3 drops of lavender essential oil. You will need to combine the aloe vera extract, essential oils, cucumber extract, and full fat milk powder until you have come up with a thick paste. Apply the paste all over your face as well as neck gently. Leave it on for 15 minutes before washing off.

Carrot juice. Another natural remedy to make your scars disappear is carrot juice. Carrots are high in vitamin C and minerals which help cleanse and heal your skin. All that you have to do is to mix a teaspoon of carrot juice with sea salt then massage it on the scar using circular motion. Leave it on until it has dried then rinse afterwards with warm water.

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Rosehip seed oil. You should also try mixing rosehip seed oil with frankincense oil as they are both known for their scar-fighting abilities to create facial oil that not only heals scars but also prevents aging. Rosehip seed oil is known for its essential fatty acids that can correct dehydrated skin. And because it is considered as “dry” oil, it simply means that your skin can easily absorb it so you don’t have to worry about any greasy feeling after application.

Sea salt baths. Sea salt baths are also great for absorbing any toxins that are lingering in your body. Its antiseptic properties can actually heal your skin from any scars or wounds that you are sporting. Fill your tub with warm water then add some sea salt to it. Soak in the warm water for 30 to 45 minutes twice a week.

Aloe vera. You don’t really have to look far when it comes to healing your scars as one of the best remedies for this is aloe vera. The gel from the aloe plant contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that not only hydrate the skin, but also promote faster healing. Simply scoop the gel from the inside of the leaves and apply on the scars daily. You will see a noticeable change to the appearance of your scars in no time.

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