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How to Make Your Very Own Super Relaxing Oil

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Listening to music, writing in your journal, watching TV sitcoms, doing yoga — these and many other stress-busters are excellent at relieving physical and mental tension most especially after a very long and tiring day. Well, you can also lower your stress with the help of a handful of calming essential oils that are blended together.

Continue reading to learn how to make your very own super relaxing oil that you can rely on at any time or day!

Everyone knows that different essential oils possess different properties. Many of them have the amazing ability to soothe both tired body and mind, which is very common these days as many of us are living stressful lives.

What’s so amazing about these calming essential oils is they allow you to lower your stress level and attain relaxation in a very trouble-free manner — most of the time, you simply have to take a whiff of your chosen essential oil and it’s not unlikely for relaxation to come after immediately.

Do you know what’s more powerful than your chosen stress-zapping essential oil? A combination of different essential oils, each one capable of leaving you feeling relaxed! With one calming essential oil doing its “magic” after the other, it’s not unlikely for you to enjoy utmost calmness right after taking a few whiffs!

If this is your first time blending different essential oils for different reasons, you’ll be glad to know that the recipe for making your very own relaxing oil is really a simple one.

But before we check out the recipe, let’s first get to know the ingredients used:

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Lavender essential oil

When relaxing oils are being discussed, it’s for certain that lavender oil is going to be mentioned. It’s revered for its ability to relax the body and mind.

Chamomile essential oil 

Another well-known calming essential oil on the face of the planet is chamomile essential oil. You can also count on it if you are feeling down or anxious.

Ylang ylang essential oil 

So many people simply adore the sweet floral fragrance of ylang ylang essential oil. It helps combat stress by releasing feelings of frustration and anger.

Spikenard essential oil 

Certainly, it can be very hard to have a good night’s sleep if you are stressed, and this is when spikenard can come to the rescue as it has mild sedating properties.

Vetiver essential oil 

Although it’s not as popular as the essential oils above, vetiver essential oil is also very good at busting stress as its earthy aroma can be very grounding.

You will also need to get your hands on almond oil. Although not an essential oil, it’s something that plays an important role — it serves as a carrier oil. A carrier oil is something that is used for weakening or diluting essential oils prior to usage because they are so powerful. Even when diluted, they can still impress!

Actually, you may also use olive oil, which is more common and thus easily accessible unlike almond oil. However, many prefer almond oil because it’s so much lighter than olive oil — it won’t leave your skin feeling so greasy.

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Now it’s time for us to check out the recipe for making your personal relaxing oil:


10 drops of lavender essential oil 

5 drops of chamomile essential oil 

3 drops of ylang ylang essential oil 

3 drops of spikenard essential oil 

3 drops of vetiver essential oil 

50 ml of almond oil


-In a small mixing bowl, place almond oil. 

-Add all of your essential oils into the bowl. Mix very well but carefully. 

-Using a funnel, transfer the blend of essential oils into a 60 ml spray bottle. Put on the cap.

That’s how quick and simple it is to come up with your super relaxing oil that you can rely on whenever you are feeling stressed. Just spray a little on the palm of your hand or on your wrist, and start sniffing away. You may also spray a little on your pillows to help you catch some Z’s without trouble. Don’t forget to shake the bottle each time!

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