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5 Best Beauty Tips for Thanksgiving You Should Know

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Thanksgiving is already here! You should be preparing not just the foods and treats for the holiday season but also to look your best.

Read on below for the 5 best tips to help with the holiday overload:

1. Sun block

Always remember to use sunblock even if its not summer. The sun’s rays are always harmful even in winter. Go for the one with SPF of 25 if you plan to use bb creams.

2. Go for oil based body scrub.

For that soft and silky smooth skin you should try using an oil-based scrub. Use an old wash cloth and when you are taking a bath, rub the oil all over your body. It is recommended that you use a soft brush when rubbing on your back.

3. Take care of your feet.

Take care of your feet by taking care of the calluses on your toes. You should buy a foot file and soak your feet in warm water, towel them dry and begin to rub, do this once or twice a month. Use the foot file to keep off calluses on your toes and heels. Then apply coconut oil cream and shea butter and put on a pair of socks after.

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4. Get a richer eye treatment cream.

Get yourself a richer eye cream or eye serum for the skin beneath your eyes. This is the thinnest skin on the face and where your age is mostly determined.

If enough moisture is used in this area, age lines less noticeable and your make up will lasts longer. You will also look younger!

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5. Organize your skin care closet.

Throw out any product you have not been using for a long time. Organize your skin care closet. Make sure that you have the right cleanser or lotion and cream for every season.

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