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DIY Christmas Nail Art Designs You’ll Love

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Can you feel the holidays already? The cold temperature, snow falling, colorful lights up and brightening the house inside and out, what more do you need to know that Christmas is finally here? There is much to prepare this coming holiday but make sure that you spare some time in thinking of how to look for your parties. And because the Christmas season has finally come, there is no better way to get into the spirit by painting your nails with various Christmas themed nail art ideas. If you are not sure where to start, these DIY nail art ideas are for you.

Candy Cane Tips

Christmas won’t be Christmas without candy canes so why not give your nails that kind of treatment by incorporating this favorite holiday treat? Start with painting your nails with gold glitter and allow to dry before using white nail polish to draw a curved French tip on the edges of your nails. Once the white nail polish has dried, get your red nail polish and draw stripes on the white nail polish. Leave it on before applying top coat.

Christmas Holly Nail Art

Another nail art design that will truly give off that Christmas vibe is wearing holly on your white painted nails. Start with the base coat for added protection then apply white nail polish on four nails. Use a red nail polish on one nail and allow to dry. Once the nail polish has dried, use a dotting tool to paint red dots on your different areas of your nails. Get a thin nail brush and use it to draw the outline of  your holly leaves centered on the red berries. Paint the leaves green and allow to dry. Use the dotting tool once more to add white snowflakes on blank areas of your nails and let them dry. Apply top coat afterwards.

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Frosty the Snowman

Frosty the Snowman is a good addition to any Christmas nail art and this one will make your nails look absolutely adorable. Paint your nails with powder blue nail polish then allow to dry. Use a dotting tool to paint white snow on your dry nails except for one nail. With your regular nail brush, draw Frosty the Snowman on this single nail. Make sure that you complete his look with his top hat, branches for arms, and a carrot for his nose. Allow the paint to dry then apply top coat to seal in the colors.

Icy Crystal Christmas

If you are ready to add more intricate designs to your nails, this tutorial is worth a shot. To start, you will need to paint your pointer and ring fingers in pastel blue. Use sky blue nail polish on your thumb and pinkie fingers. The glitter accent should be applied on the middle finger. Use a special protective barrier around the middle finger since you will be applying several layers of polish. Get your glitter nail lacquer and apply on a small makeup sponge. Dab the middle finger with the sponge filled with glitter. Remove the protective barrier afterwards. Use a striping tape to create a wide shape and create a triangle over the nude blue nail. Once you have removed the tape, you will have an even triangle. Apply the top coat on this nail. Place rhinestones on different shapes and sizes on the glittery triangle then cover with top coat. Use star glitter in blue for the top garland for the tree. Cover with top coat. Repeat the steps on your ring finger but instead of triangle draw a circle. Add some cute bow. Use a holographic glitter in silver to create that polka dot pattern on your sky blue fingernails. Apply top coat afterwards.

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