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Why Dye Your Hair Honey Blonde?

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Most of us dye our hair whenever we want to make a change in the way we look. Some go to the extremes especially when they want to make a statement, others, well, they want to transform their image in a subtle manner. Dyeing your hair definitely has its perks, from changing your overall aura, to making you feel more confident, and even showing off a different side of you. The idea of altering your hair color is definitely both exciting and scary at the same time!

This is understandable since changing your hair color to a new one comes with a huge risk of choosing the wrong color, your hair getting damaged with the chemicals used, and even the potential side effects. But if you are willing to take the risk, the next question is which color should you use? Well, why not try honey blonde?

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There are many reasons why you should opt for this hair color starting with that it’s not too flashy, brassy, or ash even. What you get is a soft hair color that is actually good for all kinds of complexion. Here are other reasons why you should make the switch.

It brings out the color of your eyes

Honey blonde hair actually complements your eye color since the color of your hair reflects more light to your eyes thus making them pop out even more. If your eyes are your best asset, this hair color can help make your peepers more prominent.

It can be used to frame your face

If you don’t want to go all out honey blonde, why not use it as highlights to your dark hair? The light color can easily complement the darker tones on your hair and you can even use it to make your face appear better. Think about your honey blonde hair framing your face. You will find that many will be remarking on how bright your face looks like and your hair doing you justice too.

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It can be used by any complexion

Are you tired of having to go through all the hair colors because not all of them are good for certain complexions? Well, honey blonde does have its perks and one of them is that they can be used by anyone regardless of how light or dark their skin tone is. If you are unsure as to what color to dye your hair with, this can be a good starting point for you.

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It removes years from your face

The same that cutting your hair in a certain way can make you feel older or younger, the same goes true with hair color. Some make the mistake of choosing colors that make them feel older but honey blonde can actually take off years from your face. How about that? You can see older women using this hair color and they look younger too.

It’s warm

Compared to other blonde hair, going honey blonde is considerably warmer too. Although it has been said that anyone can use this hair dye, it still does look better on those who have medium skin tone as it highlights their complexion as well as their eyes.

It can highlight your smile

There are celebrities who choose honey blonde for their hair because it makes them look warm and friendly. Plus, the color doesn’t take away from your greatest asset which is your smile. 

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why going honey blonde is good for you. Not only does it make your skin look warmer, but it does make people focus on other parts of your face that are actually highlighted by your light and soft hair color.

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