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Looking for DIY Beauty Tips? Check This Out

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There a thousands of beauty DIY online and in books. You can find almost any recipe for any sort of problem. From foot odor to removing makeup in fabric, the internet has it all. With all this recipe, why do you still buy expensive and commercialized products? The simple answer would be focus. Once you start reading an article about the DIY beauty mask, you get encouraged by the promise of the first few paragraphs. After this we tend to lose our focus, but what really clocks our mind out of the DIY are reading through the ingredient. Any sort of recipe that have more than 5 ingredients and 5 steps seem too tedious. We often avoid these recipes and persuade us into creating our own even when the steps are really easy. When you do think about it, it is quite a hassle to gather 5 to 8 different ingredients when you can buy something as effective in your local market. Though, the thing about DIYs is you can make them for you and your skin type, it’s cheap and all natural. Once you get into the habit of using natural DIYs, you’ll get how beneficial they are. To help you get into the habit, below are some quick two ingredient beauty recipe that is effective and cheap.

Sugar and Olive Oil Facial Wash

Reading the ingredients of this recipe doesn’t really scream facial cleanser, but some of the best known deep facial cleanser is oil based. This is due to the oil’s ability to extract dirt, oil and grime on the skin and pores without drying it out unlike foamy facial washes. This can also work as a natural makeup remover. The sugar can help exfoliate the skin and reduce dry patches. Though, sugar can be a bit harsh on the skin when applied with force. So, make sure to soak the sugar in the oil for a minute before using. Create this facial wash by mixing 2 tablespoons of fine sugar and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Mix it
together and massage onto the skin. Keep this remedy away from the eye area and use a diluted version near the eyelid area and wipe off with a warm cloth. After wiping everything off, rinse your face with cold water and pat dry.

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Crayons and Coconut Oil

There is a myth that using crayons for DIY lipstick is dangerous. We are here
to debunk that and share with you the fact that crayons are made out of non- toxic material. These coloring materials were designed for children. If you remember once upon a time when you were a kid you’ve accidentally bitten one of them down and didn’t die. If these items are safe for eating, though we don’t advise you to eat them; it can be used to coat your lips. Just make sure that the crayons you are using are well made and not from a back alley store. Create this remedy by melting one crayon and a teaspoon of coconut
oil. Once the ingredients are properly mixed place in a heat resistant container and refrigerate. You can create different colors with different shades of crayon. The coconut oil can help moisturize the lips and keep the crayon lipstick soft.

Baking Soda and Coconut Oil Toothpaste

Nothing really beats the minty fresh taste of toothpaste from the tube, but when you are in a pinch create this natural toothpaste. The baking soda can help remove the dirt and plaque from the teeth, this can also help whiten them. The coconut oil contains antibacterial properties that can help reduce the chances of periodontal diseases. Mix a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of baking soda together and use as you would as a regular toothpaste. Though, avoid ingesting this mixture.

Lemon Juice and Vinegar Nail Polish Remover

This simple remedy won’t be as strong as acetone, but it is a lot healthier for your nails. Mix in equal parts of the ingredients and soak cotton balls in them for about 5 min.Place the cotton balls on top of your fingernails for a few minutes and use it to wipe the polish off.

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Once you’ve tried creating these two ingredient recipes and see the beauty benefits, you’ll get more into creating your own beauty products. You’ll be able to create difficult recipes that can save you loads of money and at times even make you money. Learning the twist and turns to creating your ideal products and making them fit for you specifically can make it more effective than any product. Who knows you might be the person to invent one of the best DIY beauty recipes of all time.

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