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5 Tips for Avoiding Acne in the Summer Time

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Summer time is often the season associated with fresh starts. So, to make your skin look and feel summer ready, you’ll need to make a slight transition in your skincare routine to get you prepared for those warm days ahead and prevent acne spread during the season. Here are some tips to follow to avoid acne during this hot, bikini season.

1. Summer is the season of bright colors, effortless hairstyles and light fabrics. Since the natural look is in, your skin care regimen should follow suit. Clean skin is essential to avoiding acne, so if you’ve somehow slacked off in facial cleansing before, now is the time to get yourself back on track. Use skin cleansing products that are made up of natural and light ingredients to let your skin breathe and eliminate pore clogging. Note that it’s best to check the ingredients of your skin care products to gauge their capacity to help you maintain a clear skin and fight acne. A very helpful ingredient to watch out for is grapefruit. Grapefruit has antioxidant properties that help fight skin aging. It also kills bacteria that can cause redness and skin acne.

2. Do not forego your sunscreen ever. The temperature can go to sizzling hot during this season, and that gives you all the more reason to be wary of the power of the suns UV rays. Over exposure to the sun results to damage to the skin that can sometimes be irreversible, so investing in a good sunscreen product is a good way to go especially if you’re a fan of the outdoors.

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3. Go easy on the makeup. Excessive make up can lead to pore blockage which results to skin breakouts. Letting your skin breathe every once in a while goes a long way in helping yourself avoid acne in the summer time.

4. Do not touch, pick or squeeze your pimples as this will only lead to more irritation, infection or even the scarring of your skin. Your hands accumulate dirt, germs and bacteria and touching your face often will spread the dirt across, creating even more skin problems for you.

5. Detoxify your life—eliminate the sources of your stress. It’s a well known fact that stress can lead to acne and other skin breakouts. To avoid this, make sure that you unload yourself of the pressure of daily living every once in a while. This will not only help regenerate balance in your life, it will also help you put tons of fun in your summer months.

Most major skin problems stem from unclean and a not so-well maintained skin. To make sure that you keep your skin squeaky clean and fresh, your skin care regimen should include products that are tested and proven effective to help your cause. Invest in products that are allergy-tested. If you’re wary of the rising costs of branded skin care products, don’t worry as there are much cheaper alternatives in stores that can also do the trick for you, but you have to exercise due diligence in finding the products that will fit your skin type (and your budget) just right. With a great skin care regimen you can be sure that your skin stays happy and acne-free for the rest of the summer months.

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