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Amazing Benefits of Guava

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Guava is often found in Asian countries but because of its numerous health benefits, people all over the world are looking for this amazing fruit. This seasonal fruit can be maroon, light green, or yellow in color when it becomes ripe. Its flesh is either maroon or white and has plenty of small seeds in it and can be eaten raw or in the form of jellies or jams.

What’s great about this fruit bearing tree is that it’s not that difficult to grow as it doesn’t require too much pesticide to keep it healthy. So what health benefits can be derived from this pear like fruit?

  1. Diabetes. Those with diabetes will benefit from eating guava as this fruit can help regulate blood sugar levels so that there won’t be any sudden spikes or drops in glucose and insulin. Research also shows that eating guava can reduce one’s risk of getting Type-2 diabetes.
  2. Heart health. Another benefit to eating guava is that it can help reduce blood pressure as well as lipids when you eat the fruit regularly. This is because guava contains vitamin C, potassium, as well as soluble fiber. The vitamin C is effective in keeping the small blood vessels in good condition while potassium can help regulate your blood pressure as well as maintain your heartbeat. Add to this the fact that the pink-fleshed guava contains lycopene, which is needed by the heart for protection against various cardiovascular diseases, and you know your heart will always be protected by this fruit.
  3. Eyesight. Guavas contain plenty of vitamin A which is good for one’s eyesight. Eating this fruit can help slow down the onslaught of eye problems like macular degeneration, cataracts and other eye issues. What’s more, guavas are actually good for improving one’s eyesight even when there is already damage to it.
  4. Cancer. Here’s another benefit that is associated with guava. Studies have shown that the presence of vitamin C, lycopene, and quercetin are effective against preventing cancer cells from growing. These antioxidants get rid of the free radicals that cause cell damage which in turn neutralize the presence of cancer. In a study that was published in the journal of Nutrition and Cancer back in 2010, guava extracts were found to be effective in reducing the size of the tumor in the prostate. Regular consumption of guava has also been found to minimize the risk of men from suffering from prostate cancer.
  5. Thyroid. Guava contains high amounts of copper which helps in regulating the metabolism of thyroid which in turn controls the absorption and production of hormones. Take note that the thyroid gland is critical to one’s health as it is the one responsible for the function of the organs as well as regulating hormones.
  6. Brain. If you are looking for food that will be good for your mental health, you should definitely include guava in your list as it contains vitamins B3 and B6. The vitamin B3 can aid in cognitive function as well as giving your blood flow a boost. B6, on the other hand, is an important nutrient for nerve and brain function. Eating guava on a regular basis can definitely help sharpen your mental faculties in the long run.
  7. Constipation. Like it was mentioned before, guava contains plenty of fiber which can improve one’s digestive system. This fruit can help treat constipation and other illnesses associated with this digestive problem.
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As you can see, there is much to be gained from eating guava. Adding this fruit to your daily diet can definitely improve your overall health. Regardless of whether you want to eat it raw or in the form of jellies or jam, you will get quite a lot of benefits from this fruit.

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