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Tips On How to Avoid Overeating After Working Out

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After a good sweat, you feel invigorated and full of energy. You feel your heart pumping and your muscles contracting. That was a great workout, now you feel the urge to treat yourself to something delicious and fulfilling. After all, you’ve just burned off a lot of calories. What is a few calories going to do to your body? It can actually do a lot. According to recent research people that tend to over indulge after a good workout tend to consume more calories than what they just burned off. This will throw all
your hard work down the drain. If you really want to maintain your weight, lose weight and get what you can from your workout; it’s best to keep your disciple. Avoid overindulging after a workout to help lose weight. Check out these helpful tips and avoid overeating after your workout.

Eat a Small Healthy Snack Before You Work Out

Eating something healthy and snack size before a workout. Overeating will cause you to have an upset stomach, so stick to something light yet filling. Eating a healthy snack will help increase your energy during your workout and help your muscles recover after. This will also prevent the urge to eat a big meal. It’s never a good idea to skip eating before a workout. Not only will this lower your energy level, it can also cause a distraction during your workout. You’ll feel hungry throughout your exercise and
condition yourself to eat something filling to relieve your hunger after your workout. Eat some fruits or oatmeal before your workout.

Working Out Before Meals

Time your workout just before the time you eat. This can be for lunch or dinner. You can prevent overeating by timing your meals just before your regular meal time. The key to this concept is that
instead of eating an extra meal after your workout, you’ll be consuming the same amount of calories you normally would when you’re on your regular meal. If you’re the type of person that really needs to eat after your workout, even after eating your pre-
workout meal. This is the best way to go.

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Don’t Overvalue the Calories You’ve Burned

Most people tend to overvalue the amount of calories and energy they burn during their workout. You’ve been performing the 500 calorie workout or you’ve seen the big flashing numbers in your
exercise machine. They tell you that you’ve just burned a heap amount of calories. Well, most of this calculation is wrong. If you’ve found specific workout plans online that tell you, can lose about a hundred or five hundred calories for the whole set, then there is likely no specific indication who that workout plan was designed for. The calories we burn during our workout is affected by different factors such as our age, height, weight, endurance and so on. These workout plans may burn 500 calories for a
specific group, but not to everyone. This also goes for machines, most machines don’t ask for your height, weight or gender. Making miscalculation of calories burned more probable. So, don’t base your post workout meals from the calories you’ve burned.

Over Expectation

After working out a sweat and the intense need to collapse after a workout doesn’t indicate that you’ve burned a lot of calories. Like the tip above, you can’t have high expectations in your workout. It doesn’t mean that you’ve lost a lot of pounds during your two hour workout that you’re allowed to pig out after.

Keep Hydrated

Water may not keep you full after a long and tiring workout, but it can help keep your body going. This can also help remove dehydration that sometimes the body misinterprets as hunger. So before you go out to eat after your workout, drink lots of water.

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Drink a Glass of Milk

Drinking a low fat milk or soy milk after your workout. This will provide you with enough protein to help rejuvenate your muscle and satisfy your hunger. This is also a better alternative to sugary filled energy drinks.

To keep the effects of your workout to a maximum by following these tips. Eat healthy and keep up with a constant workout routine. Prevent yourself from over eating with these helpful tips and you’ll be shedding of the pounds in no time!

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