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How to Paint Your Nails Like a Pro!

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You don’t have to go to a nail salon everytime you want your nails painted. There are ways to do that at the comfort of your own home.

Just follow these simples steps and you’re on your way to becoming a nail pro in the making!


1. Preparation

First step is to smooth your nails with a buffer. You can even rub a bit of olive oil to the cuticles to soften them. Then gently push back using a wood cuticle pusher while swiping away the residue with a polish remover.

Now you’re ready to apply the base coat. Don’t skip this step because this can help create a smooth surface for nail polish to cling to.

2. Apply Polish

Using light handed strokes, apply two coats of polish. Do this by holding the brush midcap and not on the top so you’ll have more control. Then finish with topcoat.

3. Dry it up

Don’t blow on you nail polish to dry them up. Doing so will create bubbles. Also skip on the sprays and fast dry oils to avoid your polish from peeling. Just wait for you nails to dry on their own.

4. Have a quick dry top coat on hand

After a day or two after your manicure, apply another top coat to protect your nail polish and to make it shiny. Use a quick-dry polish and when applying it take an extra few seconds to swipe it on your nails.

Chipped your polish? Put polish into the nicked spot and after drying, put topcoat over the entire nail.

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1. Soften it up

Remove calluses using a foot file after you shower. After drying your feet, apply a cream or foot balm. You can also use a body lotion.

2. Trim your nails

Trim your toenails in a length that hits just on the tip of your toe. Don’t cut it shorter to avoid ingrowns. Lastly nudge your cuticles down, then wipe your nails with a polish remover.

3. Apply paint

Sit comfortably on a chair with your foot up on a desk. Make sure you can easliy reach your toes.

Apply the base coat, then two layers of nail polish. Then apply the topcoat. Make sure you apply a nail polish on your big toes for last, so you won’t ruin it when you do the others.

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